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  1. Crashes When loading Any Mission Or Quick Start (Resolved) Greatly appreciated today's update! Resolved my crash issues on all Aircraft I own. Missions, campaigns, quick missions. All are fully functional and even much improved frame rates (65-70) for an older CPU. Thank You to ED for the fix and BIGNEWY for keeping us in the loop. My hats off to all. Now down to working the new SC!:thumbup:
  2. Crashes When loading Any Mission Or Quick Start / Added Task Mgr. CPU screen shoot Attempted to load another mission, no joy. Attached the task manager for CPU screen shoot during the crash just for giggles. Attached more fresh crash log. dcs.log-20200524-180846.zip
  3. Crashes When loading Any Mission Or Quick Start Same with ME Updated NVIDIA updated drivers. Cleaned and repaired once again. Confirmed vanilla basic aircraft only, no mods. Still crashes. Added additional fresh crash file. dxdiag.txt dcs.log-20200522-014501.zip
  4. Crashes When loading Any Mission Or Quick Start Still no joy. Uninstalled all mods, turned off all shadows. Ran clean- up and repair. It doesn't matter what Aircraft I attempt to fly, in quick missions, missions, campaigns, training, etc. It crashes when I select a mission, loads up the specific mission, start mission, progress bar shows half loaded then crashes. I have the Pentium Dual core CPU E6800@3.33Ghz 2.27Ghz. I had no issues what so ever until the update 5/20/20. Now any thing I load up crashes. I have attached a fresh crash log too. Please advise. Thank You. dcs.log-2
  5. Crashes When loading Any Mission Or Quick Start Same here. Downloaded update. Downloaded SC. Crashes when loading mission (any). Performed cleanup, performed repair. Still crashes when loading any quick start, mission. Crash log sent twice. Attached last crash log here. Please advise. Everything was fine until update 5/20/20 and downloaded SC too.:dunno::dunno: dcs.log-20200521-053547.zip
  6. Thank You Cobra847. Would really like to resolve this problem. The Viggen is extremely enjoyable aircraft to fly!
  7. Radar Crash Maybe? I believe that I might have possibly the same issue as Gryzor. I activated the radar T1 and it crashed about 10 min. in to the quick mission Normandy " Convoy Strike ". I have attached the logs. Wondering what may be the issue too! Please advise.:joystick: DCS OpenBeta Viggen Crash Log.zip
  8. Still Will not allow control. Still no joy for DCS OpenBeta. Tried renaming, Saved games. Still have same issue. Have DCS World ( stable ) was able to down load F-15 there. It works perfectly. Was able to fly, quick, mission, campaigns no problem. OpenBeta, still no joy! Have attached recent logs! Any advice would be welcomed! DCS Logs.zip
  9. Thank You, MADDOG - IC! I suspected that it might have been some of the mods. I will try your suggestion and see how it works. If not I will take Jaxx za suggestion and contact the module owner. Thank You for the replies!
  10. It appears for some reason after the last update, the F-15, I have no option or F1 access to fly it, even after I have confirmed the key is there and valid. I even uninstalled all of the F-15 module, performed cleanup / repair, fresh install and still have no access to the aircraft. It loads, a quick mission, mission, and campaign, but only goes to the map indicating all the elements of the missions. I tried F1, looked for the keyboard key to make sure its active but have no success being able to actually take control in the cockpit. I have attached the crash log and attached a screenshot of t
  11. Radar possible issue? I have continued to figure out what may be triggering the crash in flight, from my previous posts. All have the same scenario. I activate TO on the Viggen, it operates fine in TO, but as soon as I toggle to T1 it runs properly for approx. 2 - 5 min. then crashes. It usually pops up with ucrtbase.dll crash first. I clean and repair, with my anti virus off. I fly the same mission do exactly the same TO, T1, then crash again. This time it pulls up Avionics.dll error. But the only time it crashes on me is when I activate radar to T1. Please refer to previous thread. It has
  12. I think Radar is causung my Issue from previous post too! DCS Beta 1.5.7xx Viggen ucrtbases.dll issue.
  13. I appreciate the suggestions RagnarDa. I have attached the crash log with the Viggen-Avionics.dll issue. DCS.openbeta-Crash-20170926-032649.zip
  14. Ok, I disabled my antuvirus. Performed cleanup and repair. I ended up with another crash with " Viggen - Avionics.dll " being the issue now. I even flew the mission with my antivirus turned off. I verified that all other modules have no issues at all. And it only happens on DCS open beta. I don't have any issues with the viggen in open alpha 2.0, either Normandy or Nevada. I will submit the crash file tonight after work. I believe I'm getting close to figuring this thing out, hopefully! BTW I really enjoy the whole DCS experience! Excellent simulator!
  15. I'll double check my antivirus. I have had in the past issues with it conflicting on other modules. This one just happens to effect the viggen in DCS Beta, but not 2.0. Very odd that it doesn't effect 2.0! Thank You for the suggestions. I will check it when I get home!:thumbup:
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