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  1. Of course there are ways to find out the altitude of certain point and i’m aware of those. It just doesn’t help with HARMs because different systems should communicate together and it’s not that simple. If it would be that easy, why USAF even bother to buy HTS for their vipers Hornet doesn’t have systems like HTS which give HARM accurate target data straight for ”PB” equivalent mode which allows it to loft. Block50 Viper is just designed for sead, hornet is multipurpose striker.
  2. I don’t know about the 3D world model but if we’d had that kind of things, the waypoints should have altitude data automatically just like A-10 has. Hornet knows it’s position by gps/ins and barometric altitude which you correct by changing pressure setting. (Edit, also radalt but i’m not sure if that is used at weapons employment)
  3. Harm doesn’t know the distance to the emitter because it doesn’t know where the ground is at the point of the emitter. If you change the altitude of the emitter, the distance changes. Hud also only shows the direction. edit: also if i understood correctly hornet’s harm implementation is simplified and should be more like HAS in Viper..
  4. Is that shared memory handled by game or by nvidia and dx? Rolling back drivers doesn’t help so my guess is by the game. @BIGNEWY or @NineLine can maybe inform that if we are up to something? Because if ED is already aware of this problem we are troubleshooting for no reason I installed those drivers from Mustangs post and they seem to make small improvement. Not absolutely sure but feels like that shared memory is clearing better. Can be placebo so we need testing results from another users also. @glide good to be help
  5. I have to try that, TY Mustang for the tip! I managed to backtrack that memory leak a little bit and it seems that if gpu is not using ”shared memory” seen in windows perf tab, all is fine. After shared memory starts to get used like in heavy MP PvE missions or very heavy SP missions, the problem starts.
  6. I rolled back to august version of nvidia drivers last week but saw no notable difference.
  7. Yeah, i noticed great improvement already when november(?) patch came out but there's still lot to do. It won't take long to restart game after every flight so it's still playable. Hopefully it won't take long for ED to fix that because i don't want to fix that probem with 3090
  8. My regular settings are quite a close to yours glide, but i still can replicate that fps-drop anyday with about 30% succes rate. When i put the minimum settings, minimum sampling etc, game still makes that fps drop but its more subtle. Shader cache option did no difference except longer cockpit loading times etc. It's very noticeable that when i spawn at caucasus, vram memory allocation is about 6gb. After first LShift-R (or crashing the aircraft and respawning), allocation goes to about 7gb, then 7,7-7,8 which is maximum and after that the framerate starts to drop and frametimes start to
  9. I’m quite certain that op’s problem is not setting-dependant but caused by the vram leak which has been causing same kind of symptoms since autumn. I’ve had that since the release of syria and i’ve run all possible settings to get rid off it with no help. Even different steamvr versions and nvidia drivers etc. Nowadays i just routinely restart the game after every flight to avoid the fps drop. I’m curious to hear if op finds solution to the problem so i’ll follow this thread but i’m little skeptic before ED improves the vram handling..
  10. Except on top on the radiomenus the mouse is not moving with head so it's not impossible..
  11. Is it possible that after pressing F10 the GPU loads hangar textures, models etc to vram and after leaving F10 map gpu still keeps those hangar things in vram and doesn’t clear them? Switching to other program clears vram and returns regular fps? Same kind of thing possibly happens after switching aircraft or respawning. I don’t have enough knowledge about how vram works but there are now more than 10 topics in these forums and all have same kind of vram releated problems so there must be something wrong.
  12. If you change something from your surroundings you must reset the environment data and teach it again. Otherwise the goggles don't know where they are pointing.
  13. The only solution for OP's problem is to decouple mouse totally from the VR viewport. Solution what VirusAM tries to explain doesn't work if you cannot keep your head still enough to hit buttons.
  14. This is what everyone has been trying to explain.. Moving head also moves mouse cursor in all cases -> mouse cursor is coupled with vr viewport and if you shake your head it is impossible to hit any buttons and that's what OP tried to explain. The mouse should be totally independent like shown in the YT video posted by Taz1004. This have been on the wishlist for few years now and quite a lot of people have been asking for this. Maybe @NineLine or @BIGNEWY have some info about the situation?
  15. VirusAM Please try this: Put your cockpit mouse cursor on top of the button you want to press and slightly move your head. The cursor also moves if you dont move the mouse to compensate your heads movement.
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