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  1. Them updating the TF51 would be mint, issue is how to monetize it, as they use it more to get people interested in ww2 it seems rather then as a trainer, would be neat to have it fund raised by current players as i would defo pay up $25 for a two seater that could be used later on to train new people to fly the older warbirds, could also be visually used to update the P-51. everyone wins, we get a new useable trainer, ED gets money and the P51 gets updated visually. (if enough people back it that is)
  2. I agree somewhat with what you say, the TF is literally a full fat aircraft, where as the CE2 is more lairy so you would be stepping down to a ww2 aircraft rather then stepping up from say a ww2 trainer. If the tf51 had the back seat moddled it would be nice but from what i understand there are two different TF51s, one where they just take the rear tank out and put a seat in and another where they actually put a full dash board.
  3. I have 5 hours in a moth, it flies nothing like a CE2 (at least compared to the sim) except in the fact it is a tail dragger, most ww2 moths didnt even have a tailwheel but a skid, no brakes and only a tube to see fuel level. It suffers from varying amounts of adverse yaw depending on how it is rigged, leaks oil as much as any radial and will not let you take your hands off the controls, trim is crucial and the slats are lockable for T/O and landing. That being said, once in the air it handles beautifully especially in spins, comes out nicely. In wind though it is a
  4. I for one would love a stearman, harvard, bucker and tiger moth. got 5 hours on the moth and its a joy to fly
  5. Im not sure about 150 as it seems that ED has a huge aversion to it, though it would be very nice as an option, that and the mustang and mk9 spitfire too, then it could just be flicked on and off like the mw50 for german aircraft, though i suspect that changing fuel type isnt so easy and a bunch of adjustments would have to be made, that being said the corsair does have a beefy engine so i wonder how it would go against the 190 and k4, could slap some FAA colours on there
  6. Hmm i have had a very different experiance with ww2 modules, are you sure you're flying on the full real mode and not the game mode, that greatly messes with the aircraft, also rudder assist makes me sick. I notice the prop factor greatly especially in the 109 and spitfire on take off, requiring dancing on the rudder to keep straight, as for getting aircraft in the sights, it seems like a mixed bag, the spitfire is farely hard to get guns on target for me directly rear on but i have no issues holding her with deflection shooting, the 109 though is a slightly worse story for me, pro
  7. Green screen? leads me to think it could be drivers? maybe check the resolution of the monitor and game, had an issue with another game where it would black screen on opening. other then that im not really sure, perhaps a display issue, cable?. other then that i would recheck your settings in dcs.
  8. Man my satisfaction with the mig 15 has only increased as of late, i think it must be all the ww2 props that i have flown that has increased my accuracy, trigger disiplin and capability, had some more nice pvp in korea 1952 server
  9. So i have owned the Mig 15 for a long time as well as a lot of other aircraft in dcs, i have loved the mig 15 for the longest time but never seemed to be able to click with it while in a dogfight, i would be able to fly circles around human sabre pilots but would never be able to tag them. as for the sabre i would be able to hit things but usually end up in a stalemate. My best dogfight against both ai and humans alike for the korean war era aircraft was a one on one against a guy in kirks, that fight lasted well over 20 minutes, we both managed to tag eachother, both returned home
  10. Well i know its not korea 1952 but kirks now has a pvp section so assuming some bozos dont come ruin it then you could slot up in migs and sabres
  11. I run with a first gen release rift and its almost impossible for me to see an aircraft past 2 miles without labels, even with that they have to be just above the horizon to stand out, in real life i have spotted aircraft far further out, i agree with what someone above said about the range thing though, once i actually see an aircraft with labels i do the zoom thing and they all but disappear, there needs to be a way to somewhat scale spotting to try and level it out across the different vr platforms, spotting does seem to be easier without VR from what i gather but i have flown with vr for s
  12. I've noticed that it is an especially bad problem in VR, labels do help somewhat but unfortunately not all servers allow them
  13. a road map would be nice however there are so many aircraft that could be added for late war examples that it would take years to deal with. Tempest. Spitfire MK XIV 150 octane fuel 262/163/162 however only the 262 is planned as well some other night fighters/heavy fighters seems to me that they are focusing more on the mid war period with the release of the A8 and MK IX spitfire and now the upcoming mosquito. though with mariana islands and the corsair being worked on by mag 3 i cant be sure
  14. most aircraft will have a tendancy to pitch with power especially at lowers speeds, you could attempt to keep the nose down and the wheels on the ground a little longer, or perhaps alternatly three pointing it off the ground and gradually trimming it. curves are a major help as does having the right trim, you may find the manuals suggest one thing but you are better with a different setting.
  15. The spitfire is a great first choice for a warbird to dog fight in as it gives you the capability to turn away from danger, it does however have a few quirks to get used to, i would start with learning the gunsight as it seems simple enough however actually applying it is another story, i recommend searching Chucks guide on the spitfire as it includes a period ww2 gunnery paper including the sight, next i would suggest turning down the ai difficulty as suggested before, ai in dcs are notorious for being ufo like in their behaviour, the mig 15 and mig 21 modules are perfect examples of this.
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