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  1. The adverse yaw one is a funny one, there are many ways aircraft designers compensate for it, differential aliarons, powered ones, aerodynamic balancing. The thing that needs to be remembered is that the faster an aircraft goes the more lift it is producing and the more it can hang on so to speak, at lower speeds it becomes less stable and is more noticable however a lot of the aircraft we have in the sim are not so suseptable to adverse yaw but more so stalling at high aoa causing the aircraft to osciliate laterally. especially in winds. also another thing is that adverse yaw is not ent
  2. Wow this thready really blew up, nice to see that something useful came out of it and it didn't entirely devolve. I will say this though, I am now very rusty in warbirds as I've been studying for the Air Transport Pilots License. I can't even hit the side of a barn door now lmao. on the plus side with the mosquito being out soon we can all enjoy the action of people (including myself) crashing many mossies.
  3. Put it this way, if they would of released it and it needed work then people would be mad. If they release it later then people will also be mad about that too as its schedule. I would say that them taking the time, effort and resources to refine the module is a good thing as it means that we get a more complete one in the long run. plus who knows, maybe we get the rockets and radios on release too Besides with how many modules have been released as incomplete regardless of if its pre ordered or on release then this can only be a good thing. perhaps more people
  4. I enjoy both but i do prefer the mig overall in fights though there are some things worth noting for both aircraft. The sabre has a full moving horizontal stabiliser allowing less stick force which IRL will allow the pilot to fight for longer with less strain. not to mention the cockpit set up is friendlier for longer flights, environmental control system being one feature. then there is weapons load out. bombs rockets and also a way better gunsight. radar guided while the mig 15 has effectively the K-14 from the Mustang. Another thing with the sabre is that it can reac
  5. Mig 15 and Mig 21 AI have questionable flight performance, if i remember correctly the 21 uses its old fm before they updated it. so players use the new while ai use the old. for the mig 15 they fight in very specific ways i have noticed and depending on difficulty will decide how they fight, e.g in a sabre they will try go vertical, if they do that against a mig 15 or consiquently other aircraft with high thrust to weight then they become easier targets.
  6. i was thinking of balanced not in the terms of what is better then the other but rather controlability wise.
  7. cant speak for any fighters of the time other then what we have in the sim but i get the feeling that the spitfire has far better low speed handling due to the wing? less drag perhaps? that being said the hurricane seems like it handled well and was a great weapons platform, i know the typhoon and tempest had some issues with the engines and controls ripping themselves apart and randomly catching fire. I'm of the opinion that the Spitfire is one of the most well balanced aircraft in the sim, right up until we pull the trigger and it bounces around the place. Though the FW190D9 doe
  8. I would love a lysander for one. the thing is massive and the procedures are rather interesting, i believe there are a couple videos of them flying, one by shuttleworth no less.
  9. how is typing related to another games play style when it is a core feature of the game that has been implemented since before 1.5. I've flown dcs since 2015, experiance generally doesn't dictate if someone uses chat or not, hell i use it even in vr while flying stick and rudder. sometimes it's just easier to use chat then things like srs as it can be a pain to set up. As for how many people use chat, drop into kirks, tti, frat, aerobatics online etc etc etc and you'll see chat in mp is used a fair bit. as is srs. its personal preference. As far as autopil
  10. even with trim, if you slam full power on the ground you'll soon feel the torque. hell i sometimes dont trim the spitfire on take off when im in a rush and i have to apply full rudder deflection to track straight at high power.
  11. that would make sense, like perhaps a time at given setting mark or something.
  12. As far as i can tell that mosquito they had didnt even have props or gear on it? at least i cant find any pictures as such, hurts my eyes just as much as seeing a spitfire with a daimler engine installed.
  13. I dont fly with force feedback, i have X56 Rhino and Pro Flight rudders, i think its perhaps i just have a curve that works for me though, in saying that i have been flying the ww2 stuff for years now
  14. while it seems the mossie can be flown solo, i would suggest that in servers that do not give you your position that the navigator is still beficial as it allows the pilot to keep his eyes outward scanning for bandits while the nav is messing with the charts and looking for landmarks (or doing DR) would be interesting having long range missions being done on some servers using a nav for the mossies.
  15. Them updating the TF51 would be mint, issue is how to monetize it, as they use it more to get people interested in ww2 it seems rather then as a trainer, would be neat to have it fund raised by current players as i would defo pay up $25 for a two seater that could be used later on to train new people to fly the older warbirds, could also be visually used to update the P-51. everyone wins, we get a new useable trainer, ED gets money and the P51 gets updated visually. (if enough people back it that is)
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