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  1. Good afternoom and excuse , if it is evident , anybody can answer to me about the next: Optimized culling for Default Terrain Objects Shadows option where is it in dcs world and how can i setting it ? Thanks
  2. Lost Apu rumble effect A 10 C Hi F410 Can you solve this issue , now the Apu effect rumble no be working for A 10 C before it were working ?. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi minsky When do you going to release that package ?
  4. Lost Apu rúmble effect A 10 C After last update version simshaker for aviator i have not Any effect when APU in A 10 C is started.can anybody help me and tell me what i must to do ? Thanks in advance
  5. As I said, you choose. You spend your time adjusting hardware or enjoying the flight of your simulator. My comment was only intended to help the community and it is not a problem of saving money, it is a matter of enjoying your love of simulators. bye
  6. If you want advice and do not have a headache adjusting the equipment, buy Trackir 5 and forget that invention. I tell you with my best intention and to save you trouble. This happened to me, I first became a headtracker and after much work of adjustment I ended up buying trackir 5 and all the problems are over. Trackir works perfectly and adjusts very easily. You choose. bye
  7. Excuse me .what resolution you have in your setting in dcs ?
  8. I hope that you have luck,because when you have a status like released by customs you must Think about more delay time and pay taxes for a importaciones product.that is my experience. Luck
  9. Me too,more expensive and pay custom taxes but more more sure you will have it in yours hands.with realteus you must have luck, Many Many luck:music_whistling:
  10. You must use start command from trigered actions and tick uncontrolled tick when you make the mission in the ME
  11. Good afternoon with the stable version 2.5.6 the problem continues. If you start Vaicom and then start DCS the load does not exceed 10% and it stays there. If you do not start Vaicom if it finishes loading DCS. We need a solution or we should stop using Vaicom, the latter does not seem normal and ED must fix it. Thanks in advance
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