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  1. Is there any update on the texture template release for the JF-17?
  2. This is going to be a mini rant about the updates that need to be done to the hornet that are very critical, that are simply just not being done... I am sick of sitting here and taking my time to meticulously write out a good report about a bug I have found, that is very noticeable might I add, to it just being swept under the carpet. For example. I made a post on 9/23/2019 about a piece of the flap on the hornet not animated and causes it to stick out when flaps are down. It's a lod issue. I even told them how to fix it. IT HAS BEEN OVER A YEAR AND NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. SERIOUSLY?! That's no
  3. Can a ED staff member reply with a link to where this was reported? We want to make sure this is the same issue and that we have a clear understanding of what is happening. We want to be able to provide the information but there was no followup from a team member. We just want to be sure this has been reported properly before. Thanks.
  4. Yes sir they have. However, this issue just developed recently and became noticeable within the month so it's gotten worse unfortunately. :(
  5. INTRODUCTION: For several months now DCS net code has been an issue. Whether it be combat or aerobatic flying. There is a trend where the person that you are flying with, tends to not be accurate to what the user on the other end is seeing / doing. For us aerobatic pilots in the community. It never used to be this bad as it's gotten over the past month. To explain what is happening seems to be an issue with the system that is implemented to help "smooth" out the movements of users over the internet. However, that system has since become flawed and exaggerated that dampening. It is now becom
  6. We don't know what's going on exactly or what's causing it. All we know is our mods are breaking the modules. We are investigating.
  7. "...but this doesn't seem to be the same attitude ED has towards the modding community." He said this no where in his post. DCS is not obligated to make mods compatible with DCS. I made this post to simply say "Hey, the aerobatics community has been affected big time." Also let's have a respectful conversation and not point fingers. We are here to figure out what we can do to make both sides happy.
  8. Let's keep in mind we are trying to be respectful and find some common ground so let's be careful what we say and not point fingers. Friendly reminder for all.
  9. Tried that. Doesn't work Skate. Something is disabling the module entirely if it gets modded.
  10. Here is an active poll on who is being affected in the Aerobatic Community https://www.strawpoll.me/20117328/r
  11. Hello. I am creating this post as a discussion of the latest DCS World update. In case you are reading this and don't know what is going on, pretty much all DCS user mods that include some sort of custom weapon or custom model, has broken. This is a big deal for the Aerobatics community because most of the teams use modified versions of a module. We are here to simply understand what is happening and why DCS has restricted the use of mods. To understand why the DCS mods no longer work, we need to understand what is causing them to not work. Doing some testing with various community mods th
  12. Is there plans in the near future to upgrade the looks of the afterburners? After binge watching demo videos of F-18s and F-15s the ones in DCS don't seem to have the glow.
  13. This has been an ongoing issue since the hornet came out and it is the same with the F-16. The LERX Vapor is only a clientside thing as of right now. I am aware it only works on airstart but no one can see my LERX vapor. Only I can. I am genuinely curious when that is going to be fixed. It has been well over a year now since this issue started and I have been told by ED that this will be fixed eventually. My question now? WHEN. It is low priority but I am curious.
  14. Hello, flying a mission tonight with a friend he pointed out to me that a piece of the left flap, at distance, has a missing/floating piece to it. I have seen it before and went to confirm it in model viewer. I went into fa-18c_lod2.edm and found out the issue pretty quickly. Once I put the flaps down I noticed that the left flap, where the aircraft numbers are located, was not attached to the wing. It had separated. Here are the screenshots I took of it. Should be a simple 3ds max file fix.
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