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  1. Bitrate This may be your issue. For bitrate whilst recording try 6000 - 10000 max.
  2. Am seeing this issue of crashing after log in on Dedi server only atm. Have sent in crash logs.
  3. I use a 1080p 144hz 1ms monitor. I think max res should be 1440p for performance and visuals balance. If the Harrier sparks your interest then go for it. It's great for A2G missions and is versatile. Hovering is the most tricky part - like flying a helicopter. It's pretty easy to start and get the weapons going. Search for Chuck's Guide for it if you take the plunge, will be helpful. The other jets are more tricky to learn due to their system complexity, but the next easiest is F16 - I enjoy this one also. F14 has a lot to it and is interesting to fly, but considered the best module in DCS - can do multi-crew. F18 is a jack of all, master of none. Viggen is great if you like sinking ships but can be complicated. I enjoy the Harrier a lot and have many, many hours in it. Always fun! I hope to see a Tornado GR.1 in DCS also - fingers crossed! Hope this helps, Chris :)
  4. Trying to add slmod v7 to DCS Dedi server but does not work at all. Did as per instructions. Any help would be great. Thanks Doesn't create the DCS/Slmod folder and new config file after install and running the server???
  5. Realism is chaos or a bore fest Even in reality, war is chaos. Not organised perfectionism and elitism. In the 2nd "Gulf War", the first strikes on Iraq, if you read about it, were a mess. Some planes couldn't refuel, some returned for technical problems, Mig-29s and 21s jumped them on Egress, etc.,. I think bombs on target in the war = 40% or something like this. A10Cs and Harriers did a lot of missions in CAS role...so you need a ground battle raging with JTAC etc.,. F14s flew around in circles on patrol for 12 hours with no action. Helis did medivac etc risking being shot down, Apache flew missions (which we don't have). So even "realism" can't be that real if you want a real war scenario in DCS atm. It's just mindless condemning by people who think they are somehow better than everyone else. Realism = help your buddies, compete against yourself, the plan works until the enemy show up, pilots having different levels of experience and skill, Murphy's Law, etc, etc.,. From a military flight instructor, "We don't expect pilots to be perfect, but know what perfect is."
  6. Gumbo's Flying Circus - Casual MP Sandbox Available Hello, If you are looking for a Multiplayer sandbox arena to practice, learn and fly with others in a non-serious, non-squad fashion, then why not join Gumbo's Flying Circus flying group? We run a Europe and UK-based server at various times for GFC Pilots and run a sandbox where you can spawn in A2A and A2G targets of various difficulty, practice formation, try AAR, carrier ops, practice your takeoffs and landings, AWACS avail, all aircraft and helicopters, etc.,. Come fly with us and solo on our server for easy-going, casual practice and self training. Supportive, friendly, non-competitive and positive Discord - great also for new pilots and those new to Multiplayer. Just click here to join the Discord: https://discord.gg/2Tzx3hK Hope to see you soon :thumbup:
  7. Just a few logic based things for AI would be great: 1. Carriers turn into the wind 2. Tankers adjust speed and alt for the aircraft you're in Not sure how do-able, but would be helpful :)
  8. A GR.1 would be perfect imo
  9. No happens no matter the view
  10. When spawning on carrier then landing at an airbase in MP, all the aircraft bounce up and down. A fix would be awesome :)
  11. Interestingly, Redkite used to be a member.
  12. Might be worth mentioning that at GR, we bring in a lot of new "simmers" to DCS and have fun whilst flying and learning modules. We're not milsim, but cater to those looking to get into DCS more and enjoy flying with others without having to recite the manuals chapter and verse. :thumbup:
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