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  1. Why did you put the F-16 pilot in the F-18 with the update. all helmet textures of the created liveries are no longer usable. With the previous helmet texture, the helmet could be completely textured. Now we have mirrored the right side of the helmet with the left side again. Everything was fine beforehand. So why ????
  2. In the last updates the Args for the Herc_Map6_Transparent-textur of the outside view were left out. For the areas that were visible in the diff textures for the left and right side, this was also not necessary. But probably for the tail unit which is mirrored for the right top and bottom. Can you reserve an area for each of these pages in "Herc_Map6_Transparent.dds" and assign it to the model. However, the areas must be large enough that a font can also be placed.
  3. Open the shape file responsible for the painting of the model in the ModelViewer2. you can find the exe in the bin folder. It's an .edm or a .lod in the Bazar / World / Shapes folder. Open the model. Under textures you will find the assigned textures. In the tab above you will find "genatator liverie file" create a .lua, this then contains all entries for the description.lua, which can then function as "false". In the Liveries folder you will find the existing folders for the models. Create a folder with your liveries and create a description.lua for it.
  4. copy your files with robocopy according to the following example: robocopy "F:\User\xxxx\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta" "C:\Users\xxxx\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta" /e /copyall insert your name for xxxx and adjust the drive letters. with robocopy and the information below, you can ensure that all attributes remain available. Start cmd as administrator and enter the line. Then I w.ould delete the contents of "fxo" and "metashaders2". Before you can transfer the files, DCS must be started once.
  5. Nobody noticed that the pilot_F16_helmet_roughmet.dds was forgotten in the liveries THK_191_Filo, which was taken over by ED. Or at least the entry in the description.lua as true.
  6. Привет Самсонов! Я всегда вижу здесь красивые фотографии ваших моделей. Ничего из этого нигде нельзя скачать. Ни как ИИ, ни как самоуправляемый самолет. Вы все еще двигаетесь на основе версии 1.5.6. Переходите к 2.5.6. Многие из ваших моделей могут стать существенным дополнением к ИИ в 2.5.6.
  7. The download was on August 11th. Approved. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3311678/
  8. The download was on August 11th. Approved.https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3311677/
  9. Hello Megalax! This is a very rich video. But unfortunately far too complex even for PH. Nobody needs that. Due to the presence of a paint template and the presence of the creation of material in the raw model, for example the AO, it is possible to get different results by experimenting with the alpha channels. Try this time with a texture of a Mig-23 AI and you will find that you have to find easier ways here. There is a separate paint kit for the old F-18C AI. But the model has not activated a BampMap, so that only shine, as can be seen with all other AI. Here you can create RoughMet with we
  10. Many users write here that it looks nice. Sadly, this is not the case. The makers of the cards are still unable to create a reasonable mesh. Everything is built up on a water surface again. You cannot see any depressions, so that the bridges above only become unsightly. Let alone the representation of the curvature of the earth. It is not progress. For Mi-24. Even with the AI, the visible rotor speed is not correct. To see here for the outside view as well as for the inside view, you fall prey to the optical illusion from videos made with a low frame per second recording. Here you could at lea
  11. Thanks ED for this wonderful bug. Is it intentional or just sloppy. I think more of malicious intent. It is not easy to come up with the idea of placing an underscore at the end of the texture files for the two main fuselage textures for the L-39C and the L-39ZA. The diff and the spec. This prevents you from using Roughmet. These are loaded, but only in their shades of gray. ("L39C_DIFF_.dds"; "L39C_SPEC_.dds"; "L39ZA_DIFF_.dds"; "L39ZA_SPEC_.dds") A roughmet texture is the last texture that is loaded on the model . This would automatically replace the spec texture. You have already noticed it
  12. Urbi

    PAK-FA Project

    Change line 65 as in the picture. So you get back into the cockpit.
  13. There is a solution for all mods that are tied to flaming cliffs, but not only. Also for the F22A (separate mod) and the Su-57 from Cubanace. The following changes are to be made in entry.lua. the following lines must be deleted binaries = { 'F15', }, and change the following entry make_flyable ('Namexxx', current_mod_path .. '/ Cockpit / KneeboardRight /', nil, current_mod_path .. '/ Comm.lua') is important, which is entered at "nil". All at the point "nil" the old entries are to be deleted.
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