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  1. i think i ended up figuring it out, thanks
  2. of course, it's been sold out there for a while at the 249.99 price. otherwise i would have just gotten it
  3. Hey guys, quick q: I was looking at getting the Logitech X56 HOTAS system but have seen wildly varied prices around the internet. The official Logitech website has it listed for $249.99 Logitech G X56 VR Simulator Compatible HOTAS Joystick I'm curious what others have paid for this system (and where) so I can get a better idea of what to look for? Thanks!
  4. i think this is a bug. however i got a work around for it by adding a possible mouse command: Edit your \Mods\aircraft\<module>\Input\mouse\default.lua in the install directory and add the line in red : return { keyCommands = { {combos = {{key = 'MOUSE_BTN1'}}, down = iCommandPlaneFire, up = iCommandPlaneFireOff, name = _('Minigun fire'), category = _('Weapon')}, {combos = {{key = 'MOUSE_BTN2'}}, down = iCommand_ExplorationStart, name = _('Enable exploration mode'), category = _('View Cockpit')}, {combos = {{key = 'MOUSE_BTN3'}}, down = iCo
  5. Hello - in all of my DCS module I use mouse button 3 (middle mouse button) to enable clickable mouse cockpit mode. However after trying to set this with the Av-8B I am unable to. The field for this action under the mouse column is un-editable, as shown in the screenshot (different module, same issue). Can someone please help me figure this our or let me know if this is a bug? Thanks!
  6. Quick q: what is the highlighted icon in the screenshot? The "F 11" with a line. I lookin in Chuck's guide but couldn't find it. Thanks! EDIT: nevermind, it's pointing to my radar lock
  7. that's a cool mod, but i'm looking for the one that allowed the distance labels appear to be much further...like 50 miles out. starting as a dot, then providing more information the closer you got.
  8. i'm currently learnign the viper and had a quick question: i can't seem to get the steering autopilot to work unless i also enable the altitude hold. is this the correct bahavior?
  9. I don't have any antivirus software. Unless you mean the built in windows one?
  10. Hello - I am having issues attempiting to download the Syria terrain. I begin the download and after 5-10 minutes it fails. I try again, and another 5-10 minutes of download it fails. This happens over and over. I've attached the update log. The last few entries say: 01165.860 ERROR: Got Curl error (6): Couldn't resolve host name 01166.622 ERROR: Conection to server 'www.digitalcombatsimulator.com' failed: Couldn't resolve host name 01166.622 ERROR: statistics failed with status -1 01166.624 STATUS: Curl error (6): Couldn't resolve host name 01656.351 === Log c
  11. thanks! what does "done" mean in this context?
  12. Thanks for the tips. I changed smokeLifeC to 12 and it definitely goes higher into the sky. Though it looks like it may spread out too much near the top, as you can see each smoke "texture" spinning clearly.
  13. i'm not worried about performance, I just want to get the smoke to rise high into the sky as to look maximum realistic. looking in your file FireVehicle.lua, smokeLifeC is currently 4 local smokeLifeC = 4 Is that in minutes or seconds? If I want the smoke to rise twice as high would I put: local smokeLifeC = 8 I don't see a " Y velocity" field, but I do see many other velocity variables (with many inputs) that I don't understand.
  14. Really enjoying this great smoke mod! One question I have though: which is the value to adjust so that I can change the height of the smoke trails? Or the altitude AGL that the smoke dissipates? I was just flying over Florida IRL this week and saw many fires where the smoke rose several thousand feet into the air before dissipating. I would like to be able to adjust this value to try and get smoke to rise very high into the sky to mimic real life fires. Thank you!
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