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  1. I downloaded this morning too and was getting 200kb/s.
  2. Issue has now been resolved and I have downloaded FC. Just hope Starforce gives me no grief. Been trying to keep my latest PC build Starforce free but have finally succumbed to the demon spawn. Hope BlackShark doesn't have Starforce.
  3. Yea, I got an email from the Lockon webmaster this morning and my issue has been resolved and I have now downloaded FC. Thanks ED.
  4. You don't have to buy it again when you reach the max activations. You just email ED and tell them you need more activations. Ask for a refund and more activations on your first copy of FC.
  5. I don't have a spam folder. 24hrs. later and my account still says I haven't paid for anything and yet my CC was charged $14.95 three times yesterday for FC.
  6. At least you received a confirmation email. I got nothing in my email box so thought there was some error and my transaction didn't go through and ordered FC three times trying to fix it. Hopefully, I will be refunded for two of the transactions.
  7. Well, they should say before you order that you won't get the file right away. People don't go read the forum to look for issues before they make the purchase. PROTX is also to blame for not informing the customer the transaction was successful. I have now been charged $45.00 for a $15.00 product. :cry:
  8. PROTX is not informing the customer if the transaction was successful or not. There is no confiormation email sent or any reciept to print out. There is no FC file to download, my cart shows as empty so thought there was some mistake. Because of this I tired to order download version of FC three times. I just phoned my CC company and found out I was actually charged three times for FC when all I wanted was to buy one copy. PLease fix this eff up ASAP please. I only printed two of my transaction numbers too but there shoud be three associated with my name. TXNHL49TLR3KH1H10B TXN32B9NE80BBQ0GQ2
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