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  1. Exactly the same thing happens to me with my 3070 Ti. I said about it in another thread. I can take a plane, switch to another plane and the performance is gone.
  2. Well, bitter sweet that I found this thread. I'm glad that I'm not alone with very similar behaviour, but not so happy with no solution for it. In my case, DCS never exceeded 70% GPU usage. What's worse, whenever I switch between planes on a server, performance degrades immediately, from stable 45 FPS (locked on purpose) to the range of 13-20. What kind of helps, is to just alt+TAB for a moment, and when I see my FPS is back to normal, I can move focus back to DCS. I have a Reverb G2 paired with R7 5800X, 32GB RAM and an RTX 3070 Ti. DCS is on a SATA SSD, but will be moved on an M.2 tommorow. The annoying part is, DCS won't push my GPU any further than 70%, but it's been like that all the time as far as I can remember, no matter the hardware. That's also the reason why I plan to switch to a 3080 Ti, because I'd rather have 70% of performance from a 3080 Ti rather than a 3070 Ti...
  3. If it's internal testing on CLOSED beta, then it should not even be listed. Imo someone failed (don't want to use any stronger words here).
  4. Funny, because server list shows 2 servers (so far) hosted on Marianas map .
  5. I believe it's impossible to create a whole new map without SDK. I remember, there was an attempt to do, kind of a new map, and it was in a form of a static object. The file mentioned by you cannot be opened without SDK as well.
  6. Following your suggestion, I've changed the code but it didn't help with multicrew. As soon as 2nd pilot clicks "Briefing" and "Fly" DCS crashes only for the backseat pilot. I think in order for multicrew to work, the mod needs an EFM, from what I remember.
  7. That's what I did, as I said in my previous post. I've changed is_FC3=true to false, and it still crashed. Unless I've changed it in the wrong file. It's a little bit confusing, because there is a file called "entry.lua" and a folder named "Entry" and it also has entry files for specific aircrafts, for example Su-30SM. So here's my question, which file do I have to edit to get multicrew ability and get it to work? To put it a bit more simple (I hope) do I need to ADD the line "Su30SM_CFG = {ROLE="AA", is_EFM=false, Cockpit_MOD='_SU33', is_FC3=false}" to "Su-30SM.lua" file?
  8. Multicrew doesn't really work. It shows 2 slots in the aircraft, but once you click "Briefing" DCS crashes. Just a heads up. And yes, entry.lua is changed to "false".
  9. It has not been confirmed, and that's the problem with it. But there's also a bright side. You are not alone with it.
  10. It is listed under "General" or "UI Layer". Find it and just assign a button on your stick.
  11. Just to make sure. Do you own FC3 module? It is required for this mod in order to work.
  12. I'm not familiar with the Huey, but I believe it doesn't use any laser guided weapons in DCS. This might be an issue when it comes to laser code, unless you can set it for the rockets on the ground. Then adding it for the Huey is not a big deal. Small edit in lua file and it should be ready to go. I can try it and report back in a moment. EDIT: Well, I haven't even found the file needed to modify, to add the APKWS. Therefore I think we're done at this point. Unless someone can manage to even add APKWS for the Huey.
  13. Just copy/paste the Su-30MK folder into X:\Users\YourUsernameHere\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\aircraft. If you don't have "Mods" folder, create it, and then create "aircraft" folder inside Mods folder. Pay attention to capital letters as it's important. It should work.
  14. I think FoxTwo wants to brighten the night without changing the brightness during daytime. Gamma would change brightness for everything and that's the problem.
  15. Today I tried to play with a friend of mine a simple mission that I made to show him the basics of the F-14s radar. He was in the RIO seat. When I tried to attach to a catapult, his DCS froze and the DCS reporting window showed up. It happens ONLY TO HIM when he's in the RIO seat, and only when I try to attach to a catapult. When we switched roles to troubleshoot the issue, it was all okay. He taxied to a catapult, attached us, no problem. Also, when he rejoined the server, occupied the back seat while I was still hooked up, no problem. Attached are dcs.log right after the crash and my test mission where the crash takes place. Tomcat Training.miz dcs.log
  16. So far it's only a really good looking 3D model. And it does look like something I'd pay for. We all have the right to say our opinion. YoYo said "payware quality" to give an idea how good that 3D model is. It doesn't necessarily mean that it will be payware. And yeah, great work Sniper. Keep it up.
  17. My bad, I wrote it from memory about the file format.
  18. The file extension you downloaded is . txt? It should be .lua. If it's not, change the extension type and let me know if that works.
  19. @Odey I didn't say to not go for snapshots at all, but to make the decision accordingly to the situation. I go for snapshots myself, but only when I'm sure it won't backfire at me, and I'll have the time to recover and get into neutral position. Just to clarify, I fly the Viper, not the Hornet (transitioned from it with the release of the Viper). I know that I can't really utilize the full potential of my plane because of how the G-loc works in DCS, but it also has it's bright side. It forces me (and others) to develop new tactics to fight against different planes. And the harder the opponent, the better for me to learn and try to win a fight. P. S. Call me a masochist :P, but I don't use 9Xs. It makes the fights more intense therefore more enjoyable, no matter if I win or lose :).
  20. Fighting against AI and fighting against a human pilot is a different thing. Anyways, against AI you should ALWAYS keep your energy up, and go for turn fight, either horizontal or vertical. In horizontal fight, keep your speed at 350-355kts and you'll be good. Just be patient and you will slowly get on his six. Never go for snapshots. I mean you can try, if you are sure that the opponent won't be able to make you regret that decision aka shoot you down ;).
  21. You watched the video but still managed to miss the table with listed functions, that is shown throughout the entire video? That's impressive... And to save your time, yes, multicrew will be functional.
  22. It's done already. You can find it in user files section. EDIT: Even took some time to find it for ya https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3309795/
  23. Lipas meant to say, that everything is clear, meaning that you have a 2080Ti so it obviously performs well and you can maintain 60FPS. He has a 1070Ti and performance on the SC is for some reason (probably shadowing) bad. Once you take off from the SC, everything goes back to normal. I have experienced the same issue with my 1060. On the carrier, 40FPS +/- 5, once off the boat, steady 60.
  24. Red color DOES NOT MEAN it's a bandit. It means that someone else (AWACS/another fighter on the datalink network) sees the target as well. So in your case, you see friendlies on your radar, but AWACS sees them as well. To "fully" identify a contact, you can either ask AWACS (declare) or visually identify your contact, which is obviously way harder, unless you have a targeting pod with A2A mode (which we don't have, yet...).
  25. ^ Also pay more attention, as it's a different project...
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