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  1. That last one you were not cleared to the basket, the probe went straight through. If you fall too far back or get too far out of position the tanker will declare "return to pre contact". This probably happened before the sequence you recorded. Settle back in and call pre-contact again. The approach you made would have contacted. You're pretty much there already. Just need to work the throttle a bit more and avoid those big movements (there was only one big lunge in that approach).
  2. Not sure if this is a module issue, an engine issue, or a latency issue but during MP I've found Jester goes into full tourettes mode when air refuelling. He seems to spam every conceivable dialogue option constantly and will continue long after succesfully connecting to the drogue. It makes air refuelling with him a complete nightmare unless you mute him entirely. Would it even be possible to add an option to keep the star wars quotes and snarky comments to a minimum during refuelling with a tickbox or something?
  3. Victory's insights are massively helpful. When I was 12 years old an RAF instructor told me at a careers event at my school in the early 90's that I would never be a jet pilot (I was skinny, and worse glasses). Like an idiot I believed him and never pursued my dream of becoming a jet pilot for the RAF (I was in love with the Tomcat and the Tornado). My only access to military jets has been through flight sims so I've poured everything into it and I'll devour whatever information I can get my hands on. If an actual pilot tells us that how it was done, then that's how I
  4. Minor bug but the carrier will repeat the tail number of the previous aircraft in the first radio response (calling inbound). All subsequent calls use the correct number (see you at 10 and overhead use the correct number). I think it may also be doing this with the Charlie call as the carrier has a habit of calling two at a time.
  5. I suppose the last thing you could try is a repair. There's been a few updates recently so maybe something went wonky?
  6. It has been working for me and my wingman fine as well. 1. Ground crew, request launch. 2. Taxi to a cat. Wait for yellow jacket to wave you in to the shuttle. 3. Kneel before Zod 4. Wings out, set flaps. 5. Shuttle set, move forward to engage shuttle. 6. Spool up 7. Salute 8. Get flung off the carrier at high speed like a chimp flinging poo at zoo visitors.
  7. I'm going to disagree heavily here. I actually think the F-14 is a much better SP module. Flying the thing is fun in itself (the other two are fairly sterile affairs) and the amount of missions Heatblur has made for the Tomcat is so much better than any other module I own. There's something like 10+ instant action missions per map, 2 SP campaigns, and a ton of good single missions. The A-10 and F18 don't have anywhere near as many missions for them without downloading third party stuff (which is of wildly varying quality).
  8. After about 300 hours in the Tomcat I have yet to jam the flaps due to misadventure. I simply don't touch them unless I'm landing or recovering at very low speed and very low altitude. Even then I'm loathed to use them as I thought that's what the leading edge slats are for. Conversely, a friend of mine who I'm helping to train up has broken them several times (he's brand new to flight sims). The cause I suspect is heavy handedness on landing approaches. Inexperienced pilots tend to react rather than pre-empt and I think that's his problem. All of a sudden the jet will start cl
  9. Just did the first two missions, superb stuff so far. Mission 2 especially stands out as what I was hoping for in these missions (I always loved the "boring" Bar Cap's as a teenager playing MS's F-14 Fleet Defender) It certainly makes you respect the men and women who do Case 3's for real. Terrifies me every time, and that's just a simulator. Great job Heatblur, cheers!
  10. That man started my interest in flight from a very early age after getting my hands on Chuck Yeagers Flight Simulator. Such an incredible life.
  11. That carrier landing simulator story is pure gold.
  12. Well my performance has been sorted out, turns out it was my fault all along (mixed up my HDD with my SSD).
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