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  1. I mean, performance isn't much different compared to default clouds. As in, I get similar FPS with Mustang's clouds as I do with the default ones. And now (I think) the outlines are much less pronounced too!
  2. I was going to ask the same question! Performance isn't all that much different on my 980ti now.
  3. Looks great Mustang! Still seeing some luminous outlines showing through though. Is that the same for you?
  4. Absolutely! I'd happily pay more than the quoted price for this. His desert and Vietnam textures are epic. I'd pay for all of them. Shame we can't protect them but I couldn't have thought of a more professional way for ED to have handled this so far. Impressed all round.
  5. I'm on Windows 10, fresh install (same issue with Windows 8). No older DX. Maybe it's just my joystick.
  6. Thanks, I'll give it a go! EDIT: No luck I'm afraid! Just remains inverted no matter what I do to the LUA or radio menu. Thanks Anyway Rico!
  7. I can confirm this bug is still active in DCS 1.5 / 2.0. The above tweak doesn't work with the Huey in my setup.
  8. Can you be a bit more specific - what is it about trim that doesn't work for you? I am having an issue where no FFB settings save, so I cannot get the FFB axis to work properly (trim up, stick moves left etc.) without editing LUA files. Is this the same as you?
  9. Still no luck after the most recent update to 1.5 (same issue) unfortunately, but thank you for including a tweak! I've also tried rebuilding the control schemes to no avail. The issue isn't that the axis needs swapping, it's that FFB settings do not save and therefore revert to defaults whenever anything happens like opening the radio, adjusting controls, alt-tabbing, scratching your bum etc., each time the joystick goes mental and forgets its FFB settings. This is not an issue if the defaults are fine for your stick, but it seems even with Sidewinder FF2 sticks, there is a variation
  10. Sorry it's taken so long, had to take a break from DCS for a while. I'm back now and the issue is still present on all aircraft in DCS 1.5 and 2.0 open alpha / betas. My stick is a Sidewinder FFB2 with the silver trigger. Logs are attached. As per the first post, the issue is that FFB axis is inverted at the start of every mission regardless of settings, so when you trim up / down it moves the stick left / right, and when you trim left / right, it moves it up / down. You can work around the issue by swapping FFB axis, entering game, then unchecking swap FFB axis. But each mission start, th
  11. I have pretty much the above spec with a 6700k at 4.6, single 980ti, and Nevada is playable. Judders in Vegas but not horrendous. This is near maxed out too. With asynchronous timewarp, it would be perfect.
  12. I definitely prefer the P-51 stall effects over the TF-51!
  13. Hi, Incredible job with Nevada. DCS has just leapt to the top of my best games of all time list! Have to wear a bib when I play to catch all the drool. It's just beautiful. Anyway, that aside, the Force Feedback issue for Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 joystick owners seems to persist. The axis won't assign correctly unless you go through a little procedure first. At the start of each flight, you need to go into settings, tick "invert axis" in Force Feedback Tune, then play, then go back into the settings and do the same again. FFB then works as it should. As soon as you boot
  14. Anybody else not getting the positional tracker kick in until about 2-5 minutes into the flight?
  15. PM Andre, he will fix you up. Anybody got this working in DCS 2.0 yet? UPDATE: Working perfectly in DCS World 2.0... time to clean up the drool and fly down the strip.
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