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  1. Not released but I belive it's planned as the final version instead of the sharpshooter.
  2. What kind of weapon adjustments can we expect? I'll second the two joystick thing as well, if it's possible to separate the cyclic from the TV through the special menu or something that would be super useful.
  3. My primary method was to roll to the right/left and pull the stick back, 3-4G is easily achieved between 150-200kph I know it used to be but it does up to 6G quite comfortably right now, another potential bug there then.
  4. #7 is very easy to reproduce. It only happens over 3G, in both directions, less pronounced in a left turn. I'd wager it's more in the direction of feature than bug.
  5. The maximum attainable load factor drops dramatically as you accelerate past Mach 1. It should not be possible to over G the aircraft when supersonic. However, the stick force per G at M1.1 is roughly twice that at M0.95. If you start a supersonic turn and decelerate without letting off the stick the load factor should rapidly increase and you may overstress the aircraft.
  6. I've used mine for the A10 quite a bit, it felt a bit odd at first but it doesn't take long to adjust. The only thing I really don't like using it with is the WW2 props and Mi8/UH1. RS has said no extensions under any circumstances, it would be very easy to overload and bend the plate that the strain gauges are mounted to.
  7. I wouldnt expect any major changes after the most recent updates are rolled out. Besides the last variant, which I assume is still happening?
  8. Reset to default simply removes any pre-existing windows calibration, if you press it and the "Apply" button does not become clickable then there was nothing to reset. E: Glad to help.
  9. Just in case, go to the windows calibration and use the "Reset to default" option.
  10. It does, the only concern is that you'll have a large deadzone beyond the maximum deflection because the in game stick will hit the forward stop before your joystick. Only way to get around that is with a force sensing stick or mechanically limiting the joystick forward movement.
  11. The axis tuning is very powerful, this is what I used to do to emulate the asymmetric stick throw.
  12. It was the Comm ones, I think the volume ones are defined as an axis so one could probably make discrete position or toggle switch binds for those but increase/decrease is beyond me.
  13. The next time you get this make sure that the throttle is at the furthest back cut-off position and not idle, simply moving the throttle forward is enough to leave the cut-off position and will inhibit the engine start cycle until you use the cut-off lever to bring it all the way back.
  14. This doesn't seem to have been fixed yet.
  15. I've been messing around with this for a while today and I can't find a way that works. I suspect RAZBAM needs to add/change some stuff before it's possible.
  16. Looks like it's still attached to the wrong point, it should be perpendicular to the horizon at all roll angles while not leaving the target diamond. Might be why the release cue is also misaligned.
  17. Excellent, the azimuth steering line for AUTO bombing seems to be missing though.
  18. All the clickable switches are defined in the clickabledata.lua, it's usually in the module directory under cockpit or cockpit\scripts Using this line as an example: elements["PTN_288"] = multiposition_switch_limited(_("HUD Symbology Reject Switch"), devices.HUDCONTROL, hud_commands.RejectSwitch, 288, 3, 0.50, true, 0) multiposition_switch, so it has more than two positions. 3, 0.5 means it has three positions with 0.5 increments. Not all modules do this the same way, the Mi8 instead has: 0.5, {0.0,1.0}) I've also seen a few without these values in which case -1,0,1 usually works. Two position switches tend to be 1,0 -- So to turn it into a keybind using the normal structure you'd start with defining the down and up commands. Down is the command executed when the physical switch is in the closed/pressed position, up is off/released. down = hud_commands.RejectSwitch, up = hud_commands.RejectSwitch, This makes both states interact with the same cockpit switch. -- Next defining the cockpit device. cockpit_device_id = devices.HUDCONTROL, This is like a device category that the switch is in, presumably to simplify keeping track of it all. -- Now defining the down and up states using the increments we got from the clickabledata which tells the module where you want the switch to go when the physical switch is on or off. value_down = 1, value_ up = 0.5, Value 1 in this case being the switch thrown to the top/bottom position and releasing the physical switch commands it to move to the center 0.5 position. It's not always clear how the switches are oriented in the cockpit so you'll have to test it and make sure it actually goes the right direction in game, if it doesn't then just swap the values or rename the binds. -- Since this is a three position switch we need to make a second keybind exactly the same way but with different values, in this case: value_down = 0, value_up 0.5, -- For the name and category it's a simple: name = _('COMMAND NAME'), category = _('CATEGORY NAME'), For multiple categories: category = { _('CATEGORY NAME 1'), _('CATEGORY NAME 2')}, -- To assemble the whole thing: {down = hud_commands.RejectSwitch, up = hud_commands.RejectSwitch, cockpit_device_id = devices.HUDCONTROL, value_down = 1, value_ up = 0.5, name = _('COMMAND NAME 1'), category = { _('CATEGORY NAME 1'), _('CATEGORY NAME 2')}}, For the second keybind just change the numerical values appropriately and name accordingly. {down = hud_commands.RejectSwitch, up = hud_commands.RejectSwitch, cockpit_device_id = devices.HUDCONTROL, value_down = 0, value_ up = 0.5, name = _('COMMAND NAME 2'), category = { _('CATEGORY NAME 1'), _('CATEGORY NAME 2')}}, Hopefully this makes at least a little bit of sense.
  19. This is intended, 5 degrees is the normal position. The flaps will start to deflect up towards 0 degrees to counter transonic effects around M0.87 The previous retracted position that was achieved by turning the flaps off is exactly the same position as the current 5 degrees.
  20. The ball in the HUD is positioned by lateral G. "Full movement of the ball to either side is equal to 0.09g and is represented by the ball being bisected by an outer vertical line."
  21. Updated changelog in the original release post: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3304547&postcount=61 This is normal.
  22. Same here, along with missing slant range tapes on the gun/rocket reticle.
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