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  1. Only use the part in quotes for the youtube function. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v="GAPI06akPGI"
  2. Vladinsky


    That's what has me confused because I've got five manuals going into great detail on the night attack and radar aircraft that barely mentions the day attack. I haven't even been able to find a day attack manual, I'm sure it would make for an interesting read. But on topic, the CFTs have some other interesting effects.
  3. Vladinsky


    Out of curiosity, how recent is the harrier variant being modeled? You say that the NATOPS is vastly outdated when the most recent one available is from 2011 with the TACMANs from the early 2000s. So presumably what we're getting is more or less what's in service right now?
  4. You might be able to get a new part from thrustmaster, alternatively get one of these. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/debolestis?section=Tailpieces&s=0 The steel prints are a bit pricey but they're ridiculously strong.
  5. That type of damper sometimes has an internal adjustment mechanism, if it does you should be able to twist one of the shafts.
  6. The finger lift bind is momentary, they're only lifted while you hold the button. Holding it wont let you shut down the engines, it will however let you pull all the way back to ground idle in the air.
  7. I found this in the file too, that might be it. I couldnt make it show up without resaving even after editing it out though. Try the attached one. 2_monitors-FA18C_edited.lua
  8. Creating a new LUA with notepad++ and copypasting the content of the config into that makes it work for some reason.
  9. I've had them not show up when there's a syntax error, check the file for any out of place, wrong characters or format issues.
  10. This is already possible using the Throttle Finger Lift keybind with the afterburner detent option on.
  11. You didn't save the device profile after calibrating. This is the step that actually loads the new values into the stick.
  12. Make sure to include a track if it turns out to not be that.
  13. I can't replicate this without turning the radar altimeter off, at which point there is a flashing B next to the altitude to indicate it's still showing barometric.
  14. DCS World\Scripts\Database\Weapons
  15. Only missing for me when fired from the fuselage stations, which I guess makes sense since they ignite away from the aircraft.
  16. Using two combiners allows you to increase the vertical field of view, if the HUD was a single panel we would only get a single circular projection per eye. As for exactly how this is achieved I will also defer to someone with a deeper knowledge. Harrier projection area as an example, same principles would apply to the F-18.
  17. If it's not possible to have both types available at the same time adding the option to select either function in the special menu would be immensely helpful.
  18. The other way around, your stick needs to be centered to activate them. If your stick doesn't center perfectly you can add a deadzone and the hold modes should work fine.
  19. I'm not really seeing anything that'd stop it from showing up, but I haven't been able get either of those to work consistently. Probably because as you say, they get moved automatically by the game at certain points. Up is when your real life switch is released, the contacts are open. Down is when the switch is closed(on). Usually 1.0 is the in game switch on and 0.0 is off, sometimes it is, sometimes it isnt. That part is usually experimentation.
  20. Yeah pretty much but what you want is "gear_commands.HookHandle" and "devices.GEAR_INTERFACE"
  21. Your format is all good but the gear handle is part of another device category "devices.GEAR_INTERFACE" and the command for it is "gear_commands.GearHandle" so it would go something like: {down = gear_commands.GearHandle, up = gear_commands.GearHandle, cockpit_device_id = devices.GEAR_INTERFACE, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('Alternate Landing Gear')}, To find out what the command is for any clickable switches you can navigate to DCS World\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\Scripts\clickabledata.lua Usually it's fairly easy to find things just by Ctrl + F searching in there.
  22. Is that exactly how the line is in the lua? It seems to be missing a , after name = _('Alternate Gear Up')
  23. As per natops the leading edge extensions(LEX) are mounted on each side of the fuselage from the wing roots to just forward for the windshield. You're talking about the leading edge flaps(LEF), hence the confusion.
  24. Given recent events around here I'd guess he's talking about the F-18 but there is also the AV8B+ and F-15 that fits the description.
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