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  1. I have this too with a 5900X, it is not present on the previous release build though.
  2. I saw a significant VR performance increase going from my 4690K(4.2GHz) to a 10600K, not so much in terms of maximum framerate but reduced stuttering and increased lows. Unfortunately no frametime numbers due to the OTT overlay not working. However, the YAAB: Yet Another Arma Benchmark saw an 85% performance increase. This is with a 2080Super, 3600MHz CL16 and after overclocking, 4.9GHz all core/4.8GHz cache.
  3. Make sure the physical center of the axis is actually seen as the center in the axis tuning in game, it might be as simple as recalibrating or adding a bit of a deadzone.
  4. I've had no issues fitting DT770 and HD25 headphones over the headband, though the HD25s are a bit easier to put on and take off.
  5. On your DCS account profile page, bottom left under ED miles/personal info. Oops, missed the second half. If you just want to read it they're all posted here https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=151478
  6. As a module in DCS without multicrew I imagine you would just cram everything you need onto your joystick/collective regardless of where it's actually located in the cockpit. My transducer requires about 2lbs for maximum input, which is about the same force required to actuate the trim switch on the Lynx cyclic I use as a joystick, I think it would work ok. As for why they did it, literally no idea. But if I were to speculate, perhaps the collective was too crowded with switches already, or perhaps it made more sense to disconnect the copilot stick rather than installing a separat
  7. Going from a 4 way switch to a force transducer for sensor control is the joystick equivalent of going from a monitor to VR, that's how big the difference is. It's specially noticeable in the Ka50, zero curves or saturation required. As for having it on the cyclic, that's only an issue if there's very little resistance/no force trim system. The OH-58D takes it a step further and gives you the option to disengage the copilot cyclic from the control system. The copilot cyclic is also the only one with a transducer. Its location instead holds the force trim release switch on the pilot side.
  8. If the reason for not adding an absolute axis option is realism then buttons and the unrealistic TDC slew should be removed.
  9. It's trying to fly through the point in space defined by the waypoint, since the lowest you can place waypoints is 98 feet AGL that puts the waypoint elevation at ~177 feet, and as such it will fly through the point 98 feet above the target, exactly as it has been instructed. If you edit the waypoint to correspond to the ground, 79 feet in this case, it hits dead on.
  10. No problem, you can disable exported displays in the cockpit by commenting out "render_purpose.GENERAL," on line 81 in "Scripts\Aircrafts\_Common\Cockpit\ViewportHandling.lua". This will fail integrity check though. You should be able to find the name of the viewport for any module by going to the module folder\Cockpit\device name\init file. In some like the F18 they're in DCS World\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\Scripts. You can even add it if it's not natively exportable. For example if I wanted to export the mirage RWR I would go to "DCS World\Mods\aircraft\M-2000C\Cockpit\RWR\RWR
  11. The F18 being blurry is a bug that seemingly appears when your game vertical resolution is above 1080p. For the harrier you'll have to use the "Left/Right MFCD Export View ON/OFF" keybinds. As for the rest, a simple way to set it up would be aligning your monitors as such in windows. From there set up the lua in a fashion similar to this. The cockpit is showing up behind them because you've put the MFCDs under the Viewports category. It should be as simple as setting your in game resolution to your monitor width plus the two other displays x 1440 and play around with t
  12. If anyone is still struggling to visualize the force trim here it is in action. But on the topic, I used a warthog with a 10cm extension for about 3 years and I found it worked very well. If you only intend to fly helicopters I'd highly recommend removing the main spring, it makes flying much more intuitive in combination with the "Joystick Without Springs and FFB" trimmer mode. The drawback is that you'll most likely not be able to let go of the stick but I consider it well worth it over doing the recenter dance every time I trim. Just be careful if you decide to go that route,
  13. "It's very much against the design principle we've had when developing the aircraft where whatever is in the backseat is handled by the backseater (be it JESTER or a human RIO) and we will make sure that "purity" is kept as much as we can. That said, we realize that launching sans Jester operating the TGP is a bit of a pain right now, especially in MP - so we're not doing anything on this until we get Jester to learn the LANTIRN, which shouldn't be long. :)"
  14. Where does this idea come from? The TPOD is below the asymmetric limits of vertical take off, landing and shipboard STO on stations 3 and 5. Additionally it's also below the limits for STO/CTO on stations 2,3,5,6. The only case you could make for using a bomb as a counterweight would be for a shipboard STO on stations 2 and 6. The pictured configuration can take off and land anywhere unrestricted with or without the bomb.
  15. It does indeed, I was assuming Y only let you pull through the pitch kicker.
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