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  1. Hi everyone, I have exactly the same question. Do anybody know how to manage it ? Thanks !
  2. Hello ! I try to change the default theme music for some planes (FA18c is this case). Can you please tell me where to put the .ogg file ? Thanks a lot ! Have a great day.
  3. Found it ! I was rearming during the INS alignment. Bad thing to do ! Thanks to a video of Wags \o/
  4. Hello ! I think I do something wrong but I can't find what. I'm in stable release. When doing cold start, I choose Stor HDG INS alignment. When 10 RDY flash on the DED, then move the knob from Stor HDG to NAV for the EGI. But, no tadpole to steerpoint in hud nav mode, no target box innhud either when I lock target in CCRP. Any idea ? Thanks !
  5. The author is a great french guy we know in another (french) forum and we have a dedicated topik there for his tool. Salut David :) Tu peux tjrs venir sur le topik de Sebum sur CPC pour l'encourager :)
  6. The author just started to work again on this project :) Be patient, more news soon I think.
  7. Hello ! No luck with alt-tab, i can't see the window (that's weird...).
  8. Hello ! Is there a way to reset the position of the configuration window ? I had a 2nd screen and previously pushed the config window on this one, but I've disconnected the 2nd screen. When I want to launch the config window, it does not display on my main screen. Thanks ! :)
  9. Hello ! Incredibly, after a repair and a campaign reinstall, all is fine and I passed the test :) Thanks !
  10. Thanks, I'll try again :-) I can confirm that the instructor didn't check my pre-flight items like in the video. I'll try to reinstall the campaign. Will I lost my current progress ? Thanks.
  11. Hello ! I tried the takeoff test mission but I have a question. I started the aircraft and went to runway before 7 AM. If I takeoff immediately, nothing occur. If I wait, I only hear the instructor calling for the last 30 seconds, and then, nothing more (until it told me I missed the departure time). I'll try again and takeoff at 7, but shouldn't the instructor check for pre-takeoff checklist and authorize me to go on ? Thanks ! :-)
  12. Hello ! Any news for this one ? :) Thanks ! Have a nice day.
  13. I changed a little bit in order to not use TARGET (don't like it). With screenshots, it'll be better. Also, I was able to map Joy buttons within VoiceAttack (I previously had a problem because of an USB conflict with my older HOTAS). Here my VoiceAttack config : So : TX1/VHF1 on button 4 of the Throttle TX2/UHF on button 5 of the Throttle TX3/VHF2 on button 6 of the Throttle And here with DCS : I configure the default Com Menu to button 3 of the Throttle. Then, I configure a modifier button (the paddle on the Stick, which is Button 4 for him). And then, I add
  14. Hello ! What I do myself : - Within VoiceAttack, I've bind ctrl-shift-alt-win-1 to TX1 - Within TARGET, I've bind MSR to ctrl-shift-alt-win-1 (VA didn't recognize my HOTAS, but this workarround works well) - Within DCS, I've bind the Pinkie + MSR to VHF-1 Do the same for UHF/TX2 and VHF-2/TX3. That way, when I can't make some noise, I'm able to use com without problem. Hope this help :)
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