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  1. I have been with the same group of guys for a while in terms of video games. We used to be a BF clan, which started with BFBC2. As we all know, battlefield lost its allure after BF3. For the last few years, I have mostly played Arma, DCS, MechWarrior, and Assetto Corsa. I'm looking for a simulation GROUP that plays most of those simulators. Is anybody familiar with anything like this? I'm located on the East Coast of the US of A. Cheers
  2. I'm really considering just selling my 970s
  3. I have not played this sim for awhile because of SLI. I need to play my sims in 5760X1080 to enjoy them. I can't enjoy one screen 1080 sims. One 970 runs Dcs fine in one screen. Triple screen is a different story.
  4. Thanks for all the heads up guys. I'm trying to figure out where all of the data is absorbed and which system makes the calculation.
  5. In an A10C, what systems input an what calculations are used to render the impact point on the HUD. I.e. What is the algorithm and what systems produce the data?
  6. I want to build around this set-up. I am thinking about enclosing it. I would use both racing and flight sim configurations. Any opinions from an engineering/architectural perspective?
  7. 2.0 Alpha on Steam Are you implying that steam forces us to use 32 bit versions of games? Also, I understand modules will now be used later on steam. However, steam delivers updates more streamlined than most standalones. The only limitations now are by choices of ED, which I DO respect their decision, not by the interface of steam. The only thing I can think of is that Steam is costing too much for ED. If that is the case then I would definitely go standalone. I assume ED has a tight budget. I have no problems paying them more for any of their work because nobody else on the
  8. Me too. Just a whole lot easier.
  9. I'm hoping patience pays off. Let me be clear: I'm a huge fan of DCS and the devs as well as our community. Hopefully they come through for us.
  10. SLI and 2.0 This is a major issue and a deal breaker for me. I specifically purchased 2 970s because they were benchmarking way better than a single 980 in most benchmarks AND a huge ED bullet point for EDGE was the SLI optimization. The fact that we've been guessing about this for quite a few months is disheartening. I played Falcon 4.33 the other day and benchmarked it in single GPU vs SLI and my frames almost doubled. I understand that 4.33 is not nearly as complex as DCS. However, I think if people are modding a 20 year old engine to run SLI, a modernized engine should be abl
  11. I like having everything through the Steam interface so I held off on purchasing the 2.0 alpha. My question is; when is 2.0/NTTR coming to Steam?
  12. Whats Next? The graphics are not bad at all. The biggest problem in the sim is the reused ground textures. From high altitude you can see obvious tiles. For being a free sim it does an excellent job; not for the faint of heart. I would imagine flying it would satiate your appetite for the falcon. In my opinion, nothing else on the market comes as close to DCS quality as Falcon, though it really is not as . I do think a DCS F-16C would be the best module we could hope for as a compliment to the existing projects and modules. Ass far as the comment "flying and blowing stuff up;
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