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  1. A few shots from two different flights on the VAT Skyline Phantom.
  2. Little history of US fighters using DCS
  3. We (The Virtual Black Diamond Jet Team) have noticed when flying formation aerobatics that when doing a loop we have to dive quite a bit as you said. When we watch a video of the real team doing the loop they do not dive hardly at all. On another note, while doing loops with the L-39_C.lods In the CoreMods/aircraft/L-39/Shapes folder we encounter a bug when I am in slot position I get sucked up into lead. This only happens ~10-15 degrees past vertical. and it causes him to wing still to the left. But when we remove the L-39_C.lods that bug does not happen. This does not seem realistic to us. T
  4. Being able to remove the gunsight and camera makes flying the plane much easier in general. It helps a ton on approaches, I'm glad they added this feature :D
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