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  1. Sure, it was a relatively rudimentar system, afterall the concept itself was on its early days. A the time, although the US Navy confirmed the system's purpose / usefulness, the cost / benefit ratio for wide implementation was deemed too high.
  2. I imagine it can be just the same as other people are fascinated with anyother jet. Although not one of my 'favorites', I do admire what it represented and achieved: - looked much better (to me), and I believe it also performed good in BFM comparing with the "Century Series" jets; - technological 'showcase' when it appeared, superior to Soviet MiG-21's, 23's, and the such; - Cold War era charisma; - versatile airframe (fighter, interceptor, multi-role, recce, etc) Heck, for those who like avionics: there were even early experiments of Visual T
  3. Welcome to the forum! And congrats on the wallpapers - they're cool indeed.
  4. If I recal correctly, remember reading at some forum that it wasn't exactly much maneuverable or easy to fly in Flanker 2.5... that's all.
  5. In that case that's a pity, but I fully understand the economics factor behind decisions of this nature.
  6. ... here in Portugal those values are roughly equivalent to 2,5 and 4 times the minimum monthly wage. (And in many other parts of the world it can surelly be even worst.) I do appreciate DCS a LOT, but I won't start spending ridiculous amounts of money on hardware in a foreseable future.
  7. This I didn't know... Thank you for the heads up.
  8. ... and I'm all for trying the MIG-29K's turning capabilities, as the the A variant was a bit of a let down for what I expected IRL.
  9. Completely agree. But it seems, part of those specific behaviors are also the very nature of both jets however... If I'm not mistaken, in real life the F-15C does hold the better T/W ratio and wing loading values, than: F-14 A/B, F-16C, F/A-18C, MiG-29A and even the Su-27... (Only the Mirage 2000 does have better wing loading values than the Eagle.) Also wrote here in the past, that indeed the Eagle's nose pointing capability / authority does feel easier than the MiG-29's one. Probably because of the AoA limiter in the MiG's flight control system, which a
  10. Man... +1 here, in the long gone early 1990's. Rest in peace.
  11. ...forget the wallpaper. It was probably the 'options.lua' file and the 'full screen' option... I suppose.
  12. Just to share my experience on this issue. DCS fail to boot (only at the 2nd session once PC is started), completely black screen and theme music keeps playing. - only happened after buying and installing Mi-8 MTV2 a couple days ago and : only if I use the Mi-8 MTV2 wallpaper. After some 7 or 8 sessions using a wallpaper other than the Mi-8's, DCS starts without any problem so far.
  13. Thank you all for the insight! Yep it takes patience, coordination and slow command inputs. Managed to fly it in a more or less controled fashion (without ruining the generators) most of the time, also took it to around 19.000ft, but the landings are very poor yet. Also read Chuck's manual on it, and I'm also aware of VRS.
  14. Hello, Yes, now there will be some reading of the manual's and stuf as it's due. Well, if you don't like some model very much, then you don't like it - that's a subjective matter of personal preference only, I see no problem at all. ( As long as one doesn't start too objective / specific claims like: "fighter A" does have better radar and missiles, and maneuvers much better that "fighter B" ; I don't see why people would get 'mad'. ) About not liking some module, what I do before spending money is very simple: Do I like this jet / helicopter in the
  15. Thank you guys. ...well, in the meanwhile I've just bought my first ED DCS helicopter a few minutes ago: Mi-8 MTV2. Although I always was more of a "jet fighter" guy, I'm also not strange to 1 or 2 helicopter sim / game, so I 'pulled the trigger' in a too good to let pass price on the Mi-8.
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