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  1. Thank very much. Im a bit new to discord(used to teamspeak). Im donwloading Beta now.(only have stable) Im really excited to meet all of you and looking forward to some great racing edd
  2. Hi guys. Reading this is like a dream come true. I'm really interested. I'm also a skin-maker so I'll gladly help edd
  3. Same problem for me, but at least its a known problem. :thumbup::thumbup:
  4. VSAAF Gazelle Skin we use in clan edd
  5. Thanks for the key!! And a big congratulations to all participants and well done to our winners!! edd
  6. I'm am sorry if my fictional skin offended some of you. Still new to the DCS community. I'll gladly remove it to prevent toxic forums. I only participated as a fun project and to share skins which I love to make edd
  7. Done Thanks for the opportunity :P edd
  8. It is the fisrt time I did a skin for DCS. Still new to DCS. I uploaded it to the main site. Got the message: File upload successfull. The file will be published on the website after review by a moderator. You can upload additional files at this time. Hope I did it right :thumbup: :helpsmilie: happy flying :pilotfly::pilotfly::pilotfly::pilotfly:
  9. My fictional skin for Italy. :thumbup: Have a good one edd
  10. Application for Registration Nickname: Uthaesdis Your profile at ED forum: http://forums.eagle.ru/member.php?u=116043 Chosen plane type: F-86F Country of residence: RSA Time: GMT +2 Language of communication: English Confirmation of familiarization with regulations of the tournament and the obligation to comply with them: Familiarized with regulations of this tournament, oblige myself to comply with them.
  11. Hi all I am really interest in this series and would love to be part of it. This look really really good, well done to the owner :) Pilot Name: Uthaesdis Mustang Livery: Uthaesdis (to be submitted, still WIP) Country: RSA
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