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  1. @uboatsYes, thanks for changing this! Still, I wonder if the altitude steps at higher altitude stay the same? You guys set it at 3ft, I think. At 40000ft the baro pressure is only about 1/5 than at sea level. That means the altitude differences which is measured by the baro sensors with a certain resolution (smallest measureable difference) get larger too. I am just deducting here, but judging from this, altitude steps at 40.000 ft should be at around 15ft. Also one thing I noticed: When going at full afterburner, the fuel display in the MFD counts down in steps large
  2. I don't care about gunnery, rockets, or bombs. I do formation flying and a bit of aerobatics too. So I'd love to fly a civilian campaing!
  3. I am not sure I understand. Do you mean the display of Baro and/or RA has been updated?
  4. The uboats-video shows a referesh rate of ~16 fps (similar to already simulated RA), with larger jumps. I am not sure how accurate this is compared to the real one, but if this effect could be reproduced in DCS I'd be very happy and immersed As for RA... does the handbook say it's accurate between +-40° bank or it's measured between +-40° bank? Also, in other aircraft like airliners, there is a 2ft resolution of RA near the ground and larger steps (I think 10', I'd have to check) at higher altitude. Do you have definite info that RA display of 1ft is correct? I am no
  5. I suppose thats course and distance.
  6. FYI, this link says something like a 60° cone with bank, so valid until 30° bank, then the radar alt should increase with bank: https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/53834/how-does-the-radio-altimeter-reading-change-with-the-bank-angle Which, again, leads me to the assumption the RA should increase above 30° bank until max RA is reached.
  7. Thanks. I think the frames of the video do not play a role. At 7:51 between 2580 and 2577ft you can see the HUD moving, but altitude stays the same. These 2-3ft jumps may be due to sensor resolution or maybe there is even an internal meters-ft conversation, maybe both, I don't know. So for the RA you say the bank angle is compensated and cut at 40°?
  8. I meant the radar alt is supposed to increase with the bank, until max. RA is reached. Try e.g. with the Su-27 or L-39, until about 30° bank RA stays constant in level flight, between 30-45° it increases with a function like sin((bank-30)*2)+RA. Like 0-30°= 100 ft, 45°=140ft, 60°=190ft or so.
  9. Wow! A full size FFB-stick is on my bucket list for things to do in life. I wonder, are all information / software / STLs complete? So if I press "stop" on the internetbutton and work with the info I have, is it possible to do this on my own? Is there a parts list?
  10. On the alt readout. I found a video which is supposed to show the HUD, watch at 7:48 (speed x.5 helps). This is 2-3ft jumps at 2500ft. With increase in altitude, the spacing should enlarge by factor 3-4 at FL400 due to the lower pressure diffrences. Well, I bought the JF-17. Would you be willing to adapt this and intruduce a radar alt increase with increasing bank?
  11. Hi there, in a topic on the JF-17 I wondered why the barometric altitude readout is per single digit, instead of like 10 or 20ft increments like on other aircraft I've seen before. I think this is wrong for several reasons, but since little data on th JF-17 is available, the proof is in eating the pudding Does anyone know a single real world aircraft where the baro altitude is read out in single digits?
  12. Thinking about this... is this the same scaling, regardless of altitude? Like there is still a 1ft resolution at FL300? Is this a real barometric reading or INS or INS with laser? And is the increase of radar alt with increasing bank (like 30-45°) simulated?
  13. Wow, looks like a human factors issue. Ok, well done then!
  14. Hi there, I am not (yet) a customer of the JF-17, but might become one. One thing that bothered me during the free-to-play periods were the exact readouts of altitude and fuel (I think VS and maybe others too). I've never seen an aircraft giving exact readouts like 23,456ft or so, should be rather rounded to 23,460ft or so. Perhaps chinese a/d-converters are different and this is a feature, but I believe not. Is this a known issue or has this been worked on lately? Thanks, Olli
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