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  1. Does this work when the aircraft is in an area where there is no ground crew? Please re read my post, it is a specific issue related to ground starts outside of an airfield, there is no ground crew to remove the chocks no matter what one does.
  2. So I feel like the other wheel chock bug that they cannot be removed after engine start has been thoroughly reported, but TM19 points out another issue. If one creates a mission with the harrier set to takeoff from ground at a location where a ground crew is not present, as is the case in TM19, then there is no way to remove the wheel chocks that I can think of.
  3. Rolds


    Totally we gotta have napalm it's about time it was added to dcs
  4. Well its been a month with no ED response and I just confirmed the error is still in as of so I guess I'll bump my own thread.
  5. See track. In the mission editor the Mi24's are set to USSR and the model viewer shows them having the correct 5 pointed start of the Soviet Union. But once the mission loads the Mi24's are sporting the 7 pointed star of the Georgian Airforce. Georgian, soviet star mix up.trk
  6. I've found (thanks to someone else's video that demonstrates this) that the APC Tigr 233036 unit will use its headlights at night if it is moving and will leave them on after it reaches the final way-point. I take advantage of this to set the unit to drive very slowly to a final way-point where I want a light and use this for some improvised night lighting. Has anyone found any other units that work in a similar way, or any other ways of adding useful night lighting to farps, airfields without runway lights, troops in the field near a sling load objective, etc?
  7. I see in the encyclopedia there is an improved kilo model but I only see the option of placing an SSK877 regular kilo in the game. Does the improved kilo asset only exist in the encyclopedia?
  8. Hi Big Newy, Perhaps I don't understand you or am not getting the behavior you describe on my end. I select the artillery unit, click a spot on the ground, then try to input the target coordinates. Upon pressing the "set" button, the target coordinates change to new values and the target point is typically off the map.
  9. See track. If you place ships (or ship static objects) near the coastline, say near a pier, they do not spawn in the heading you set in the mission editor. It used to be that you could set them up to give the appears of ships berthed at a pier but this was broken in a recent patch. Have a look at the ships in Latakia in YE53 in this mission and compare where they spawn to where they are supposed to be based on the mission editor. The ships often spawn clipped into the pier or shore and this results in another visual bug where they pop in and out of view based on the distance observed from.
  10. Yes it seems to me that the 88mm puff was somehow replaced with the 40mm puff in the last patch.
  11. 7 Months later and this unwanted game feature still pops up while I'm on final. To put this feature in in the first place, fine whatever. We can turn off labels, BDA, all sorts of non-sim things. But making this one mandatory strikes me as terribly far away from what DCS should be about.
  12. The Hastings pier at 50 51 N, 0 34 E is floating in a most peculiar way, see attached screenshot.
  13. I was finally able to complete a sorti in multiplayer, flight time was 45 minutes, from a full internal tank 80 liters remained at landing. I was able to avoid engine failure by running the engine continuously at or above 3100rpm. In other words I spent the whole flight other than approach and landing above the continuous limitations described on page 111 of the DCS Dora's manual. There were no issues with temperatures, pressure, performance throughout the flight. Everytime I've taken the dora up and tried to cruise at lower power settings I've had a "clang" type sudden engine fail
  14. This is a bad one guys, it breaks huey operations from ships please have a look at this asap.
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