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  1. Yes it seems to me that the 88mm puff was somehow replaced with the 40mm puff in the last patch.
  2. 7 Months later and this unwanted game feature still pops up while I'm on final. To put this feature in in the first place, fine whatever. We can turn off labels, BDA, all sorts of non-sim things. But making this one mandatory strikes me as terribly far away from what DCS should be about.
  3. The Hastings pier at 50 51 N, 0 34 E is floating in a most peculiar way, see attached screenshot.
  4. I was finally able to complete a sorti in multiplayer, flight time was 45 minutes, from a full internal tank 80 liters remained at landing. I was able to avoid engine failure by running the engine continuously at or above 3100rpm. In other words I spent the whole flight other than approach and landing above the continuous limitations described on page 111 of the DCS Dora's manual. There were no issues with temperatures, pressure, performance throughout the flight. Everytime I've taken the dora up and tried to cruise at lower power settings I've had a "clang" type sudden engine fail
  5. This is a bad one guys, it breaks huey operations from ships please have a look at this asap.
  6. OK So this bug is not limited to the arleigh burke it also happens if you select the ticonderoga class see this second track. Huey slides forward on takeoff from ship 2.trk
  7. The deck of the Arleigh Burke class appears to be sloped towards the bow of the ship somewhat and the huey slides forwards along it. See attached track, during startup the huey eventually gets close enough that the rotor blades hit the ship and eventually the nose of the huey clips inside the ship. DCS Huey slides forward on takeoff from ship.trk
  8. I dunno, I'd like to move troops around, I wanna make missions where I put mortar teams or manpads in place, or move medics, that sort of thing. Sure I can work around it with the mission editor but just adding the same airborne troop transport system the Mi8 and Huey have would help bigly, even if it is only 3 slots.
  9. See the attached track, I first noticed this when flying the new P47 train strafe instant action mission. The train appears to be visible most often if the camera is viewing the train from behind and appears to disappear if the camera is in front of the train. disapearing trains.trk
  10. Here is another track, still occuring 100% of the time when playing spitfire mkIX in single player. Note that I almost always adjust the reticule brightness, maybe that is related? However it is quite obvious that this is a failure built into the game that needs to be adjusted as the failure appears in the mission log. reticule bulb failure Dec 26, 2020.trk
  11. I haven't figured out any way to do either sling loading or troop transport with the gazelle, aren't real world gazelles capable of both? It looks like it can carry 5 people so shouldn't it be able to carry at least 3 troops? And as for sling loading, maybe it isn't accurate for the version we have in DCS but you can easily find pictures of real gazelles slinging:
  12. Here is a track of a short Mi8 mission where the door gunner sound getting "stuck on" can be observed, especially at the end where it is continuously stuck on while the gun is not firing. At the beginning the gun sound works as you would expect, but watch until the end, it is not a long track. Mi8 KORD gun sound bug.trk
  13. See track, open beta, it is possible you need the crosswind I had in this mission to reproduce. Mi24V takeoff collission with tree.trk
  14. Here's another track, first time I flew the spitfire in weeks so I'd say for December this has a 100% failure rate! It is the same thing, reticule bulb failure shows up in the events log which makes it seem like an intended failure built into the module. However we don't currently have the ability to replace the bulb with one of the spares on the right side of the cockpit. And it fails extremely often!! Just take this failure out until the ability to replace the bulb is implemented. reticule bulb failure Dec 19, 2020.trk
  15. That's what I mean, look at the MBTs in the group, they aren't being destroyed. In all the tests raking this area with the submunitions at most got one tank down to red health. Look at which units actually die, I never was able to destroy any of the T55's in the group. I can reupload the track without the other unit types if that would help.
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