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  1. The UOR-281U is being used in the DCS ZSU-57-2 according the lua file. Information available online suggests that the UOR-281 had a self destruct function to prevent them from falling back to earth and cause damage. Seems like this effect is missing? https://military.wikia.org/wiki/57_mm_AZP_S-60
  2. I'm having issues with the website processing my payment for the A-10C. Tried payapl and then direct with visa and both timeout. Maybe next time we should offer to purchase before the release? :smilewink: *UPDATE* Finally went through with VISA. Paypal never worked... maybe an issue on their end?
  3. Anyone else play with the new SSLR option yet? Looks like it improves the lighting in some ways. Kills VR performance however.
  4. I also own a nice 32-inch 1440p G-Sync monitor and I've gone back to TrackIR twice now. First with the Samsung Odyssey and then again with O+. I have the Reverb now and I've decided to keep it around for occasional use. I still enjoy playing on the monitor a lot. DCS looks gorgeous and runs beautifully on a monitor at 1440p. You don't have to decide between one or the other unless your're considering whether or not a recently purchased HMD is worth keeping. There's a lot of guys on here that will say "I only fly VR" but I'm not one of them. Maybe in a few more years when VR is truly min
  5. I have this same issue. Unplug/Replug the Reverb's USB to get it back to 90hz. I read somewhere that disable/re-enable in device manager also works.
  6. Sorry to hear that TWC_SLAG. I had an eye injury when I was young and have an artificial lens in my right eye. I can't focus on anything under 4 feet distance with it but anything farther out I can see fine. Thankfully VR hasn't been a problem for me and I can enjoy the Reverb.
  7. I was going to return my reverb and go back to trackIR but after a week of tweaking the settings I'm finally enjoying VR. Yes I get some artifacts with motion reprojection but it's worth over looking for the immersion. I really got the WOW factor when I was just playing around in a test mission I made with a simple A-10C mission to destroy a column of lightly defended fuel trucks. A MIG-21 slipped through the fighter escort and engaged me. I dove into some mountains in attempt to lose the MIG. He was right on me and I thought I was toast but after snaking my way through some narrow mountai
  8. DCS doesn't show up in per-application settings for me. What am I doing wrong?
  9. It's not a matter of the right settings or the best HMD. There are some serious issues with VR that simply can't be overcome with the current generation of hardware. I'm on my third HMD and have tried every setting imaginable each time and still get the same results. Sure I can get a smooth experience just flying around with hardly anything on the map. As soon as you start adding in clouds, AI units, etc. the stutter fest begins. When I can fly normal combat missions with lots of units, weather and the same level of sharpness I can see on my 1440p monitor I'm back in. It's too much money an
  10. GunSlinger, This is almost exactly how I feel. I've had the reverb for about a week and thinking of returning it. I've owned and returned the Samsung Odyssey and O+ before the reverb. I can understand why some people love it but in my opinion you have to sacrifice too much in visual quality to obtain playable framerates to make it enjoyable. I was hoping the reverb was going to be the HMD that changes all of that but sadly it appears I'll be back to waiting for that next gen VR experience. Hopefully its not 4 years but that could be an accurate estimate.
  11. I'm seeing water flickering when using dynamic weather under heavy cloud cover. The issue doesn't occur with static weather clouds. The flicker usually starts a few minutes after starting a flight and is only visible from inside the cockpit. If you flip to external view there is no flickering. I've tested this with a variety of aircraft and they all do it. The issue is present in both open beta and stable release. Is anyone else seeing this? I want to use dynamic weather but I can't stand it with this flickering. I'm running 1440p resolution with G-Sync, no VR. I've tested it with a variety
  12. Wags said the new free map is not Vietnam but that's all we know so far. He said it was his most anticipated map so I'm hoping its something in Pacific or European theaters. I think we have enough desert maps for now. I doubt it's Afghanistan. More desert mountains? Not that exciting. With the PG map officially released I hope we hear something about this new free map soon.
  13. Dynamic weather is great except you will eventually encounter the flickering water bug with it which renders it unusable. Its been mentioned on the forums by myself and many others over the past several months but no response from ED. Shame really since in my testing dynamic weather performs better than static weather.
  14. I noticed it in the F-14 but haven't tested other modules. I figured it was something to do with the F-14. Will test the Hornet and others.
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