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  1. @Chic, You Sir, or Madam ar a star. Thank you. Yes I use JSGME.
  2. Hello, I would like to install the Cockpit by Devrim on DCS world openbeta 2.5.2, but cannot seem to find the folder for the MI-8. In D:\DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods\aircraft there is no MI-8 folder, although I have the module installed, and in C:\Users\myusername\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta There is no liveries either. Can anyone help? Thank you
  3. Really looking forward to this chopper, and hopefully we'll have a couple of different loadout possibilities like door gunners for example.
  4. Hardware: Oculus Rift CV1 Windows 10 DCS standalone version 1.58.12823 Bug; - Save a mission with the mission editor - Within mission editor start the mission up via the menu Flight - Fly Mission - Exit the mission (not to desktop) - Menu fails to show When exiting the mission the menu would not show up, just the hangar and the plane - which results in having to hard reset DCS via the task manager - end task. I purchased FC 3 among some modules yesterday and uninstalled it today to see if this would resolve the issue. When FC 3 is not installed, the menu after exit
  5. aaaand... let's not forget: A clickable cockpit for the SU-25T in order to have both the A-10 and the SU-25 workable in VR without having to remember switches. OR... A dev diary on how cockpits are created - The switches in the cockpit work when pressing keyboard shortcuts, so... wonder why the reverse would be such a hard thing to do. Would gladly pay for it as well just to be able to fly the SU-25 with a clickable cockpit, with its current Flight Model.
  6. Right, I've attached a track that demonstrates how impossibly flimsy the cable is when doing slingload operations in the Ka-50; feels more like silk than steel. On top of that, regardless if you fly the Ka-50, the Huey or the Mi-8; once the cable breaks, the communications menu refuses to show up to select a different load, or any other comms option for that matter. In order to activate the communications menu again (it will popup by itself) one needs to land the chopper. Anyone else agree to this, and can we call this tow bugs? Please Advise cargohook-impossible-KA-50.zip
  7. I totally agree. That is why I bought and enjoy the 'oil fields' campaign for the Mi-8, I would also enjoy to fly gliders if DCS would feature a proper weather system with thermals and windsocks that are actually usable and any glider module with a PFM. Not even Aerofly FS 2 (which supports VR as well) is multiplayer capable at the moment. I don't know or played SF2, but I did play Falcon BMS with track-IR. What I miss in F-BMS is the ability to use VR gear. What I miss in DCS is an F-16...and a DCS VR-rendering capability that can keep up with the jet's speed. Aaah... decisions, de
  8. I apologize for coming a bit late to the party here and necro-ing this post: As for an elaborate answer to the vote on this poll: should the ED team focus on giving us 'the world, Chico, and everything in it' ? No, Some people here fail to understand the scope of DCS. This is not a 'Flight Simulator' like Aerofly FS 2 is, but it is a 'conflict simulator'. The focus of the controllable war machines is focused on Aircraft and Helicopters now, but in a distant future we might see DCS World include Tanks as well. And by driving tanks I do not mean the Combined Arms module, but something
  9. @Jabbers and @M1Combat Thanks for the feedback. Assuming you have a VIVE, there is a program called 'shaperone switcher' created by Bilago. This progam allows you to change the 'render target multiplier' natively in SteamVR without the need to edit files. It's just a GUI basically. I was under the impression indeed like you said M1C that the ingame 'pixel density' and this 'render target multiplier' both were the same thing. Out of the box SteamVR comes with a setting of 1.0 'render target multiplier' Would it matter much or have any different results would one either choose t
  10. Ok, not sure how this is supposed to work out... There are 3 profile files in here, but only two can be loaded. 1 Profile into the Mad Catz software 1 Profile into DCS. Am I missing something here or has DCS gone from 2 different profiles (one for the stick and one for the throttle) to a combined setting, and are these profiles obsolete ? The 'DCS Ka-50 X-55.pr0' loads into the mad catz software and works. Yes. BUT... DCS can only load and save one profile which includes both joystick and throttle settings. How I should load the 2 separate config files into 1 profile on DCS
  11. @NickD Don't forget that it is not ONLY a steamVR software issue, which has now been improved upon, and hopefully will keep improving as VIVE's software and firmware gets better. It was also Frontier Developments who improved Elite Dangerous which has since then not shown any "greyouts" as I like to call them in VR. DCS has been around quite a while longer than both headsets, so with each new iteration of the engine used by DCSworld; we'll eventually get there as well. It's just that throwing bigger and better hardware at something should not replace streamlined code, I'm aware that the
  12. Okay, it took even a lot less time to get it sorted so for anyone with similar hardware, stutter free and 'loading box' or 'grey out' as good as gone. I have added Shabi's screenshot as a reference, and added the altered settings accordingly that seem to work with my hardware. Hardware: MSI Tobii dominator pro. HTC VIVE GPU: Geforce 1070 Ram: 16 GIG DDR4 OS: Win 10 DCS version: 1.55 Non steam DCS mods: - Reduced shadow draw range mod - Starways Black Sea Map 2.0 SETTINGS: For the MI-8 (and basically all slow moving craft like the Helos and the Dora) System setting
  13. Thanks for all your posts so far. I've been testing a bit to try to run it as well as can be expected. I purchased the VIVE more out of political reasons (because I don't like Facebook and the guy who 'invented' it) but that is another matter for another discussion. I haven't had time to read up on your full writeup Shabi, but in time I will get there. I have also installed the free Starway Caucasus DLC, now that doesn't seem to behave any different fluidity wise in relation to Stock Environment. It certainly looks beautiful. I used the MI-8 free flight mission as a benchmark to t
  14. @Dax I agree that a desktop PC and a Laptop are 2 different animals. However, this laptop was built for gaming and for VR. It is VR-ready and scores max on the steam testing tool. I run DOOM 2016 and even DCS without VR on max settings without stutters. I also have trackIR 5, and use that with BMS, but it's a bit hard to get back to flat screen simming if you're used to VR. The 1/3 rd screen is also visible in the youtube link below. Anyway, Hansangb told me that I could switch to full screen with the good old Alt_Enter. This keeps the mouse focused on the game screen and cannot wander off
  15. Hello fellow simmers, I have a VR ready gaming laptop (MSI Tobii Dominator with a Geforce 1070 on board and 16 Gigs of DDR4 ram) I try to enjoy DCS with the VIVE but a couple of things are really screwing up the fun of it all. I also have the impression that certain settings set to on or off either just don't do what they should or are just there for show. All drivers are up to date and VIVE software as well... so no need to go down that road... Here are my issues with the VIVE regarding gameplay on the MI-8 summed up from frustrating to annoying: 1) Mouse Cursor in VR kee
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