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  1. No need to uninstall. They are seperate installs. Campaigns made in an older version are sometimes not compatible with a new version, so beware of that.
  2. This is the latest version: https://github.com/dcs-liberation/dcs_liberation/releases/tag/4.1.1
  3. Reducing budget and the Income Multipliers helped me a lot. https://github-wiki-see.page/m/dcs-liberation/dcs_liberation/wiki/Performance-Options
  4. Sorry, my bad. This should work. https://discord.com/invite/MvdFTYxkpx A very experimental version of the campaign generator has been re-enabled in the latest beta-version which can be found in the "Testers" room on their Discord.
  5. https://discord.com/channels/809863694678491157/809863695198453812
  6. Confirmed. You're a life saver!
  7. I came to this thread because I had the same issue. I deleted the module. I deleted all 3rd party liveries. That didn't help. I uploaded 2 tracks: L-39 without "solo" ticked off and L-39solo with "solo" enabled. Hope it helps to nail down the problem. It only refers to the L-39ZA. And I can confirm that the problem doesn't occur with the control stick visible. l-39.trk l-39 solo.trk
  8. New version https://akaagar.itch.io/briefing-room-for-dcs?download
  9. +1 I agree. Room for improvement here!
  10. Under the heading "player" you will find the 5th entry "carrier (BETA)". You can choose your carrier there.
  11. You find the JTAC under "F10" in the comms menu.
  12. You can find them here: https://discord.com/channels/593921979548041301/770885094234652692
  13. For me the wingtip tanks don't show up. I can add them (and weapons) in the ME menu but only the weapons show. No tanks. Did I miss something?
  14. I have a Nvidia RTX 2080.I had stutters on the Syria map (not so much on The Channel) and got rid of the stutters (and improved frame rate) by rolling back to driver 451.67 and decreasing the preload radius all the way down to 1500
  15. claw

    Dutch F-16's

    These are great. Thank you!
  16. Sadly didn't work for me. But you're right about the old model in the Mission Editor. Edit: renamed the SavedGames/Mods folder into Mods-bak. Now the F-14A is working. It is something in my Mods-folder. Edit2: Can confirm that it is the Super Hornet/Growler mod
  17. ...and the same here. Bit of a bummer.
  18. I haven't tried these yet but in the missions I edited for myself the radios aren't working.
  19. Some people report positive results from pulling a piece of fabric from a pantyhose taut over the camera. It reduces interference from background light/Ir reflections.
  20. Absolutely outstanding. This was what I'm looking for. Thank you!!
  21. It can be done. Zoom in on the units. press (and keep pressed) Lshift+Lalt. Click on the superimposed units. A small window will open with the names of all units on that location. Click on those names to select the unit. In this way you can select all units on top of each other. Keep Lshift+Lalt pressed and work your way around the carrier.
  22. Can it be done? You would have a template combining groups and statics. Is that possible?
  23. I don't think that is possible. But that is my problem. If I have an existing mission and I want to place the SC with all personnel, equipment and statics in it. How do I go about it? Or do I need to place every time every crew member on deck?
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