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  1. Under View, "Container View" may be easier to identify devices. Are your controllers HID devices or require specific drivers. If they require specific drivers, I would disable your internet connection to keep windows from searching for a driver, so you can reinstall the factory driver/utility, hopefully it's an .exe. If not you can scan for hardware changes and install when prompted. Miles
  2. Hey Sr. To add to what was suggested, and if you didn't try this. I would open the device manager and games controllers as in the pic. Expand the "Human Interface Device" tab, and under the View tab, check "Show hidden devices". Any grayed out devices are devices that were, at one time plugged in, but are currently not. I turned off my joystick for the pic and you can see the two items associated with it. At this point I would right click on any grayed out devices and select "Uninstall device" Since you are having problems, I would also unplug my controllers and unin
  3. Awesome stuff frenzon, That looks like perfect hand tracking to me, I assume it tracks the center of the hand mass? Did that ring came with AR glasses? I have been researching something similar that would integrate with the Inside out tracking cameras. Thanks for sharing, Miles
  4. Hey Helo Guy, I was thinking about the same thing also. The two distinct DCS (modifiers/switches) may work. The first is the switched mode, where it toggles the modifier on/off. The problem with that it can loose sync, only good for pilot and co-pilot. Another option, that should work for all three stations, is assigning two modifiers to a double pole switch with a center off, like the many 3 position switches on the warthog throttle. You would have to remap all of your buttons of that station because the modifier is always "being pressed" and button presses without t
  5. Great idea Tundra, will do on the next IPR. Thanks for the suggestion. Miles
  6. PointCTRL v2 IPR (In Progress Report) Thanks, Miles
  7. PointCTRL v2 IPR (In Progress Report) https://youtu.be/TmqCtnNUS6w
  8. PointCTRL v2 IPR (In Progress Report) Miles
  9. Hey Avid Flyer, PointCTRL emulates a mouse and keyboard. The PC just see it as another HID device. How effective PointCTRL interacts with any sim or application is dependent on that particular piece of softwares mouse implementation (LEFT Click, RIGHT Click, and Mouse wheel). I haven't personally tested it on x-plane, but I don't believe it works well with it. Still waiting on MSFS VR to come out so we can test it. I did speak with a USAF pilot today who said they got it working on a new version of P3D. I know one of the guys was working with Lockheed Martin to make it more compatible
  10. Apologies nessuno0505, I kept scanning by that Quest2 pic and thought it was my post and didn't see your questions. 1) For me it's a big improvement over the S, but that come in large part from the adjustable IPD, I have a 72 IPD. Aside from the slightly higher res displays the optics seem a better for me also. A big plus for me is the PnP of it all. I just put in on, click on the Oculus link, and point to DCS and it starts perfectly every time without any fussing about. The S seem to take a few tries to get everything started properly, but that may have been me. Plus having
  11. I wish we could find something like this for the Huey, this is still a watch though. https://youtu.be/WIIbql4GLZo
  12. Yes, I completely agree Tundra. I have used the VKB's for about 3 years now and they are great, especially for Helo's where constant precise rudder input is critical. I like the TPRs for fixed wing because of the realistic pivot and brakes. It allows pilots to fly as most do in real life, heels on floor of the cockpit during flight, feet move and rest on the pedals during landing and taxi. That being said, Thrustmaster did cheap out on many components, especially for the price. I think it was a great design, but a very poor execution to save production cost. I am finishing up a mod for 24 USAF
  13. I actually like the feel of the TPRs. I dislike any rudder pedal arrangement that requires you to move your whole leg, rather than just pivoting on your heel. But it's really just personal preference. You may want to update your above statement. TPR pedals are not "metal riding upon metal". There are two nylon bushings between each pedal casting and its pivot shaft. Edit: Maybe they forgot them on yours, because you would have seen them when you did the damper mod. Miles
  14. Actually, I thought that it was a really great article. It had something for everyone, A lot of pictures for guys like me, but also excellent physics examples that tied into your points. I especially enjoyed the poorly designed heater analogy. Poorly designed, but just as efficient at producing heat. I may have missed it, but if your doing the math, the draw in watts is measured at the AC source before the power supply, as most power supplies are only around 70% efficient. So if you were drawing 525 watts from your 650 watt power supply, you would have to transfer/remove 750 w
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