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  1. Hey Zoney, If it was initially working, it's probably just a bad calibration. If it picks up another IR source during calibration it won't work at all. I would start with a factory reset. 1) Hold the "Set-Up" button down. 2) Press and release the "Reset" button while continuing to hold down the "Set-Up" button. Release the "Set-Up' Button when the cursor begines to move from left to right across the center of the screen, signifying a factory reset. The best place to reach me, get the latest information, and fast support, is through the PointCTRL Discord. We can usually sort things quickly on Voice. Miles
  2. I get your frustration, please be aware, I do not accept any money until the orders are within a week of shipping. I am retired, and PointCTRL was just supposed to be an interim device for me, and a few others that were following the development until something better came along. Because of the continued interest, I have been making an investment to increase production. We should start making good progress on the backorders very soon. Thank you for making me aware of the automated email response with the stated goal of "shipping orders within 60 days". I had forgotten that was not updated, and it has been removed. The emailed response now points to where the latest shipping information can be obtained, both in our PointCTRL Discord, and here in my sig. Thanks for your feedback, and I wish I had a better answer for you, Miles
  3. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Here is a pick of the new resin cases that are currently shipping.
  4. Hey Peter, No Problem sending an STL, Just shoot me your email address, do you want it optimized for FDM or Resin? and Merry Christmas to you and your family. Miles
  5. Hey David, A few guys static mount the HMS above there heads even with there forehead. Its not optimal, but it does work. I keep meaning to do some testing with Track IR and the HMS mounted to a headset. You should be able to tune the Tack IR movement so the cursor movement "somewhat" stays on the control you are pointing at when you move your head. Thanks for the question Miles
  6. Glad you found it Kercheiz. If anyone else is expecting an invoice for their PointCTRL, the invoice will be from Spec Tech. Thanks, Miles
  7. Hey Tundra, I sent you a DM on Discord, We will get another one out to you. It is important to use the included zip tie to secure the USB cable to the integrated cable support on the HMS. Apologies for the inconvenience. Miles
  8. Hey Guys, Sorry for the comms blackout. I am back at it, and we are shipping again. Miles
  9. Hey Guys, Finally finished with switching PointCTRL over to resin cases. This should speed up production significantly. @kuabi, we start production again tomorrow and we will be sending invoices for January pre-orders. You can follow the shipping progress in my sig. Thanks for your patience everyone. Miles https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/731963449088802816/905265292211540048/PointCTRLv2.1.jpg
  10. Hey guys, I consolidated some v2 calibration references and videos on the website here . https://pointctrl.com/instructions/ I know the instructions are a bit of a mess between the different versions. Hopefully this helps, videos are not really in my wheelhouse. @nessuno0505, if you DM me your email, I can check. Miles
  11. Hey Ness, I updated all of the invoices with the requested changes. DM me here with your email if you did not receive it. Thanks for your patience.
  12. We should be mailing invoices for Pre-Order dates thru 20 Dec 2020 any day now. Thanks for your patience. Miles
  13. FireCats waiting list of 560 early adopters is finally complete. We have moved onto the website Pre-Orders, starting with 2020/11/20. Production is slowly increasing, and having the order date that we are currently shipping should help get rough ETAs. As always thanks for everyone's support and patience. Miles
  14. You usually have to do an internet search to get it, but you can find them for most lights. Generally speaking the higher the light temp in kelvins, which is usually what you see on the box, the whiter the light, and the lower the wavelength. Its kind of intuitively backwards that what is called "warm light" is actually cooler in kelvins compared to "cool light" which has a higher temp. I believe it backwards because it's more about the warmer colors giving off more heat and the cooler ones retaining it. Anyways enough geeking on physics, here is pic, and I would generally try for the higher temp 5000k cool white lights.
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