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  1. Yep 3 memory modules gives you tri channel, AMD next year will be moving to quad-channel also ;) Core i7 is highly a multi-core CPU, DCS is only single core (dual core with the hack) you'll be getting about the same performance as an E8500. I hope you didn't buy it just for DCS
  2. Yes lockon.co.uk (the link 2 posts above) should still have stock, I ordered mine for a friend a month ago and it came 2 weeks ago in the mail
  3. Very nice work, were you the creator of the original F14D for LOMAC?
  4. DCS is more CPU bound then anything else, anything higher then a HD4870 / GTX260 is an overkill IMO. Just get your CPU frequencies higher then you'll see an improvement
  5. Its hard to say, most are based on different types of aircraft. Blackshark for helicopters FSX for civilian planes IL-2 for WW2 models LOMAC for modern fighter jets that's pretty much the only flight sims I play depending on what I feel like flying, of course I haven't got DCS yet though :( In terms of complete realism Black Shark takes that of course
  6. I'd proberly also suggest waiting till next month when the 55nm GTX280's are out, they should be faster and cheaper
  7. Not to mention DX10 is only available on Vista
  8. The thing is you can never stop pirates, so why make it difficult for genuine buyers with the activations etc.? I constantly upgrade my computer hardware / software, and protection like StarForce just makes it more difficult and unnecessary. I have many other things to say but I'm not allowed to express the rest of my opinion otherwise I'll get a warning, great.
  9. The F-22 raptor, but that wont be possible for a few decades ;)
  10. Have you tried an Nvidia card on your PC to see how it handles instead?
  11. Yep Nehalem is actually slower in games, despite having a higher price tag and more threads. Stick with your Core 2's people ;)
  12. Thats only your opinion, I wouldnt recommend that to anyone else. No matter what company your going to run into problems, completely random. I personally have never ever had an issue with an ATI card before, but have with Nvidia ones, many times actually. I'm sure your problems could have easily been fixed, but judging by your post you havnt even bothered
  13. Its not necessary to have multi-cards, let alone with the power of multi-GPU's the CPU would be a huge bottleneck especially on 1 core. A HD4850 will run DCS fine, id be more worried about a higher clocked CPU
  14. Black Shark can end up very succesful if its marketed properly, but I have a feeling it will just be known by the enthusiasts
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