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  1. Thank you for the tutorial and clarification on the circle fill. I was expecting a button where I just needed to right click on the + / - symbols.
  2. If at all possible, please consider imported circles (SAMS) not be filled.
  3. Thank you so much for this awesome program and I am very appreciative that you have considered and implemented some of my suggestions. I am looking forward to seeing your next video tutorial.
  4. Thank you so very much for this update Viper. Excellent briefing Andrew.
  5. Greetings Andrew. Once you build or import an existing mission just select the briefing button and let It auto generate your mission briefing . You can regenerate the briefing as you work on the mission. The amount of data it is capturing for the briefing is impressive. What you see in my attached pdf is displaying things directly from what I did in CombatFlite. I will add the ATO and Tasking later. Raiders-v1.pdf
  6. Thank you for the very generous Sale and the awesome updates you released. The gift certificates were a big hit. Merry Christmas
  7. Awesome video. Thank you. Looking forward to the Part 2.
  8. X 2 on multiple copies of kneeboards mentioned before my post. Perhaps a button to clean up previous kneeboards when loading new ones I absolutely love this tool. The idea of being a mission planner vice a mission builder is so much more appealing. Looking forward to seeing some additional tutorials. There are so many new features.
  9. Thank you for the replies. I tried everything including repair with no luck but all is normal after the last update. :joystick:
  10. When I create a new mission on the Normandy map and Select WWII for the COALITIONS PRESETS the Third Reich appears but when I try to use the ADD CREATE AIRPLANE GROUP the Third Reich is not available in the drop down menu for Country.
  11. Hoping someone may be able to help me with this. In order for me to tank on the KC-135MPRS in an F-18 I have to apply full left rudder. By that I mean my left rudder is pegged. When connected to the basket I am in a left bank angle. My approached to the basket is level until just before calling ready pre-contact. I don't have this issue with the IL-78, KC-130, or the S-3B. I'm using the Chuck's Guide recommended settings and have tweaked it based on what other have suggested. No luck. Numerous repairs and file cleanups done. TM Warthog CH Pro Pedals TrackIR5 S
  12. Please consider reviewing all the Forum Stickies. There are way too many and a large number of them no longer apply.
  13. This might not be a problem related to the latest updates but the pipes are too heavy and the weights cannot be changed. Pipes Small - 9590 Pipes Big - 10615
  14. Mine got fixed when I loaded the patch yesterday.
  15. Yep, that was my problem. Rookie mistake. I forgot to turn off my anti-virus. :music_whistling: Thank you for the responses. All good now.
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