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  1. I have the same Bug. DSC v2.5.6.49798 Campaign v2.9 Playing as the F-86 Is there a fix for that? Can i make the mission success without the chinook?
  2. Wenn ich bei mir über HDMI fahre habe ich nur 60HZ, über DVI 144HZ. Laut Wiki kann HDMI nur 60HZ. Da ich einen Monitor mit 144HZ habe muss ich mit DVI fahren. Gruß!
  3. Hello! I have a question to this. I have do two pictures. Why is the Bearing 335 and not 353?? The Left show the Bearing of 335 and it do not point to FLEX. Why, what do i wrong or dont understand?:doh: https://photos.app.goo.gl/whEsZw1iLufkLmu92 I hope you understand what i mean! :) Thanks!
  4. Hallo MAD-MM Ich habe auch einen i7-3770k und eine 970. Kannst du dann bitte deine Erfahrung mit der 1070 gegenüber der 970 hier Posten? Danke! Gruß!
  5. No, the crash come wille i reach the WP2 and aktiv the trigger for the message to intercept the bombers. I have tried it today after the new Update, and it sems to work! sorry for my english!
  6. OK, thats mean i´m not alone with this problem. I have try three times. Every time the same.
  7. Hello!! I have a crash at the first mission. I fly to the WP1, -> WP2 -> WP3 and than i should do a CAP between WP2 and WP3. I turn to WP2 and if i arrive the WP2, i become a crash. See Pic. DCS funktioniert nicht mehr - DCS don´t function any more I have the 1.5 Open Beta withe the Standalone Su-27 I have launch the repair tool and try it after again, but still the same! Thanks for HELP!!
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