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  1. How do we have a soft lock without alerting the enemy from now on? The POL mode actually activates the heatseeker lock in PID (TWS) without the magic selected.
  2. In the POL mode, there will be a continuous audio lock tone, and I think the heatseeker becomes active too if there's one on board without any weapon selection. Looks like a hard lock to me.
  3. In the old A10C, I used to get the audio "Warning, Autopilot" whenever the autopilot disengages due e.g. stick movement or sudden pilot movement like turning the plane. But I'm not getting this anymore the new hog. Does anyone know the steps for reactivating this feature? Thanks.
  4. Yep, I've tried turning down the hud brightness and switched on the right console JVN/NVG switch, no joy. But it's definitely good to know that the issue wasn't caused by my rig :)
  5. I turned on the NVG for the first time and it appears too bright and blurry even with JVN on and all lights off. I compared to the Youtube preview from Razbam and it looks so nice. See attached screenshots comparison. I can't find any switches to increase or decrease the gain. Can someone tell me what I'm getting is indeed normal?
  6. I always thought INS alignment does that... Ok, I will try this. Tx.
  7. After doing a few AARs today, I can confirm point #1 and #2.
  8. It's unfortunate we can't have a soft lock box on the target without switching to either the gun or missile after the latest M2000C update.
  9. In the Syria map only, I'm getting -ve altitude after proper INS alignment. I've double-checked in other maps, this problem doesn't exists anywhere else. Can someone help to cconfirm whether this is already a known issue?
  10. Here's my trk file showing the EAC switch problem. I was in the Instant Action -> Syria -> Cold Start A10C-II-EAC-Problem.trk
  11. EAC behind the left throttle can't be switch to ON position, always goes back to OFF position. Steps to replicate: 1. Complete INS alignment. 2. Select Nav from MFCD 3. Click EGI switch 4. Click EAC switch EAC works fine in the original A-10C.
  12. Whenever the Mirage refuels with the tanker with only internal tank, the tanker will not notify when finishes refueling. You could continue to have the probe connected to the basket. This was confirmed by another user: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4508013&posted=1#post4508013
  13. Thanks for confirming the problem :thumbup:
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