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  1. Hi all, I have finally built a new pc and had DCS installed on an external 250Gb SSD. I’d like to update DCS but I only have 61Gb free and the update requires 69Gb. Is there anything I can delete from the DCS installation directory to free up some space? Im running out of ideas. The DCS directory - not updated - right now is 118Gb! Appreciate your help! E.
  2. Probably a stupid question but how do you enter the coordinates given by JTACs, on the AV8B? Cheers, e
  3. Hi all, I’m trying to setup 3 way switches using joystick gremlin. Tried using Target GUI but I can’t seem to be able to run any script as it gives me an internal error. I basically want to assign Flaps Takeoff position to the middle position of the flaps lever on the Warthog throttle. Any help with that? Cheers. E.
  4. I'd be interested in the Shapeway option for sure. Please let us know if that happens.
  5. Hello Deadman, this last pictures means that you will be releasing the 3D models or that you will sell knobs? Cheers, e.
  6. I would if I knew anything about electronics!
  7. Ah, thanks. And it is based upon your design though, right?
  8. Where did you order this from ? :)
  9. Thank you so much Lynx! How about the height and dimensions of the panel that sit on that one? :)
  10. Hi all, I am looking for the dimensions of the Open/Close and Jettison Canopy assembly panel of the A10C. Does anyone have them? Cheers! E.
  11. Thank you, Sokol! Everything seems oriented towards the F16 unfortunately. But I found 1 knob that i can use! Cheers. E.
  12. still searching for them. I found this website but it does not concentrate on the A10C. http://www.hempstick.org/The_Official_Hempstick_Site/Flight_Sim_3D_Models.html
  13. Anyone here has 3d models of the knobs in the A10C panels by any chance? I have access to a 3D printer so I thought I'd use that! Cheers! E.
  14. Hello All! My A10C MDF cutouts are finally here and I will start working on it soon. I have already 4 panels of the right console, with switches and pots fitted, so I am ready to get it started! But I was wondering if anyone can please give me the RAL codes for the right and left console and the RAL for the Main Instrument Panel? What would be best to do: paint the MDF with a green base primer and then overcoat it with the gray, or paint directly the gray on the MDF? What do you guys suggest? Cheers! E.
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