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  1. In conclusion: G-limiter is there to extend the life of the airframe past thousands of flight hours. The ability to disable the G-limiter is there to extend the life of the airframe past a few seconds.
  2. Am I missing something? Aren't both HARMs and Mavericks limited to stations 3/7 in DCS?
  3. Sorry, the topic description is incorrect; not CTD, but freezing with massive memory usage. Possible memory leak? This has happened to me multiple times when playing in multiplayer on [4YA] Caucasus server. It's triggered by Jester wheel -> Tune tac radio -> AWACS -> *Freeze*
  4. There's a chance of the game crashing when t when telling jester to change radio frequencies through the menu. At least in multiplayer.
  5. What I'd really would like is an option select whether the action is executed upon pressing or releasing the button. Example: Toggle# activated: gear up Toggle# released: gear down Or when the action is actuated by a single command Toggle# activated: gear up/down Toggle# released: gear up/down
  6. That's like saying it's a bad habit looking through the sights when shooting a rifle instead of firing from the hip because sights might break or be misaligned!
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