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  1. It was the TAZ better smoke V9 SP. I've installed V8 instead and all is OK !
  2. No finally I've found. The issue wasn't a mod located in "saved game\DCS\mods" but a mod having changed some files in the DCS main directory. Fortunately, I'd installed it with JSGME. The isssue is revolved. But it's quite strange that this mod had just degraded the fps in NTTR and not on other maps.
  3. Yes ! As I've said at the end of the message with attached files, I've tried without any mods ( in fact I've renamed the Mods directory ) and it's the same.
  4. OK, files attached with this message. DCS.log.zip I edit this message because I must add that I've just made a try without any mods and it's the same
  5. Hi! I would admit the settings if it was only in flight but but even on the mission editor, I have the issue. I've just to call "nevada" in the mission editor and my fps are falling to 5 fps as soon as the map is loaded.
  6. Hi I use rarely this map but today, I wanted to fly in. After all, I've paid for it, some years ago. And so, bad surprise: I don't know why, but this map is a real disaster with FPS nowadays. So I thought to myself that, perhaps, it was caused by a free mods that I've put in the mission, so I've tried to make a new mission: Even in the mission editor, the FPS are a disaster. I think there is a very big issue only with with this map, because my Caucasus map and Hormuz map are running fine, in VR like before.
  7. I must say that I'm a little bit disapointed. In the past, after the opening of a ticket, I had an answer, some hours after the ticket. I have opened this one yesterday around 16:00 TU and, for now, no answer from ED.
  8. Hi I've opened a ticket with no answer at this time. I'm used to stay in offline mode, using mainly DCS as a single player and not wanting to just have 3 days of use if my internet connexion crashes down for more than 3 days. On saturday, I had an issue with my printer ans I had to uninstall it then reinstall it. But before, I've forgotten to switch DCS in a online mode. Today, wanting to launch DCS, that's saying that DCS is unable to leave the offline mode beause a change of my hardware and all my modules are desactivated. Each monday, I have an acrobatic multiplayer ses
  9. C'est bon, ça a marché. Merci pour ton .reg.
  10. Thanks for answering Do you want the OB or the release dcs.log ?
  11. HI Wanting to uninstall the OB version and just keeping the release, I've noticed that only the open beta version appears in the list of installed programs. I'm afraid that if I uninstall it, my release version will not run anymore. What can I do to have the release version in the program list ? Thanks !
  12. Alas, ED seems to not have read this topic. It seems that the new update doesn't fix the issue, at least in the changelog. I've not tested.
  13. Hi I've noticed in the open beta that the altimeter of the Huey is impossible to set.
  14. After a house accident I've been heavily injured on my right knee and I had a surgery but since some days, I can seat again in front of my computer and I've tried your mod: A big thank !
  15. Hi There is a long time I havn't launch the beta version.. Today I've updated this one. Same mission, same situation with VR: Release: 24-30 fps in VR ( no ASW) Beta: 16 FPS in VR ( no ASW)
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