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  1. Is this mod working on 2.7?
  2. Hey! how do I install this mod?
  3. Does the Jeff have a FPAS alike page like on the Hornet? If not, will it be added in the future?
  4. What do I put in the bat file if my folder is in let's say D drive?
  5. Do you mean the folder of DCS itself or something else? And if I find it, do I need to move it? If so, where?
  6. Well, I've been using the Hotas X for quite a while now I wouldn't mind a change..
  7. Erab

    ECM upgrades

    So wait, what is the default configuration of programs right now?
  8. Something like this would be nice.
  9. But there is a D2M switch at the cockpit.
  10. Will the F-14 be able to carry any A/G ordanance like rockets or bombs?
  11. Wow, that's just annoying...
  12. Will the F5-E have a rockets drop solution like in the MiG-21?
  13. In the Su-33 there's "(Select one)", but there's only one mod. What does it mean?
  14. Can you do a fictional skin of an Israeli MiG-21 based on the Mirage III IAF Skin? It looks like this:
  15. When I try to do A/G, when I go in for a dive with my rockets or guns my gun piper seems to go all over the place, or just sink down.
  16. Erab

    Jammer Explained?

    By the way, does it automatically chaff and flare?
  17. Erab

    Jammer Explained?

    Are you going to do a video about it? Seeing is easier than reading.
  18. Can someone explain how the Jammer works?
  19. Daaamn Rlaxoxo, you and your crazy stuff! Now we just need to use the A-10 as A-A gun.
  20. I mean as the MiG-21 have the light that tells it when to launch, and how in the A-10 there's a distance thingy.
  21. Is there an indicator on when should I fire my rockets or guns?
  22. You can make the predator drone lase?
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