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  1. That was the key. I had a modified file for MBot's dynamic campaigns in OvGME, but it only commented out the "os" and "io" lines, not the "lfs" line. Commented that one out too, and it worked like a charm. Got the notifications that the scripts loaded and saw the friendly tankers and AWACS. Didn't actually fly the mission so can't comment on whether there were enemies present, but I would wager everything works fine now. Thanks for the help! :thumbup:
  2. I tried the latest version (v027) but it didn't look like any of the scripts initialized. Didn't get any text on screen saying "Scripts loaded" or any info on enemy units. In fact, it looked like I was the only plane in the theater. Didn't see anyone else in F2 view or the F10 map. I tried spawning in all slot types (F-14 and F/A-18 on carriers and land, and F-15 and A-10C on land, even spectator) and no joy. Took off in the Tomcat from the carrier and flew all the way to Iran and nothing happened. I'm guessing a bug crept in for v027? I tried another mission that uses MOOSE (Throug
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