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  1. Regarding FM changes ... for me the Hornet doesn't feel as floaty in the final approach faze , which to me makes it easier to trap successfully ! Just wish we had a official SuperHornet !
  2. Guys , I just tried disabling Game Mode in Win10 and I have had no crashes after running different missions , Quick start F18C case 1 in the Gulf , Conventional bombing in Nevada ,Strike Fighter in the Gulf , Banklers Landing Practice 7.0, followed by F14A dogfight in Caucasus all with no problem . ( Vsync off , Fullscreen enabled , as always )
  3. Yes , exactly what I experience , I can play a few missions then when changing theater / map it stalls and I have to CTRL ALT DEL back to the Desktop .... DCS not responding in task manager , forcing a hard reset !! Usually happens in the F14A caucasus dogfight mission load !
  4. Please can we have the F14A option for this excellent training mission Mr Bankler ? I would also love to have the spawn point for the inflight aircraft 10 miles + from the carrier ... to give us more time for plane setup and comms thanks
  5. I concur , as I just tried a series of traps and cats on Bancklers supercarrier quals mission using 1/2 flap exclusively and it felt normal compared to full flap approaches ! Something has changed for sure !
  6. Well done man ! and respect to you for flying with no head tracking !!!
  7. Guys , good news ! DCS open beta now runs fine ! I removed the Kis2020 exception I had on edCore.dll on the off chance that it was updated in the latest OB update , ran the game and NO PROBLEMO's :)
  8. Yeah , I'm going to try and submit the file to Kaspersky for inspection .
  9. Hi Guys I just updated to latest Open Beta with Super Carrier , BUT my Kaspersky Internet Security Suite detects a VHO:Hacktool.win32.Inject.gen object in DCS bin file edCore.dll and wont let me run the game without creating an exception for the file . ( without the exception the file is deleted ) Any advice would be welcome :) Thanks
  10. Yeah !! the F-35B , the least capable of the F35 variants !! DOH !!
  11. Hi Guys , SSLR was the cause of my lower performance in 2.5.6 , ... enabling it nearly halves my FPS 90+ down to 50's . ( running HIGH+ settings @ 1440p ) ( i7 9700K , RTX2080 ,32gb ram ) :(
  12. Hi Guys , I would love to hear if your issue gets resolved , as I am considering purchasing a TM Warthog setup and have the F14 module and love it ! Thanks
  13. Hi HughLB , this is a known problem with BitDefender and DCS , I have a similar problem with Kaspersky . You have to add a special exclusion rule , so BitDef doesn't monitor / scan DCS files or activity . A friend of mine who is a IT manager has to uninstall his Bitdefender if he wants to update DCS. This is totally unacceptable in this day and age ! ED need to update their programs.
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