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  1. Yes, one more. Does the A-10 have a park brake as such or is it the emergency brake ? Are there separate commands for Park Brake On / Park brake Off ?
  2. OK. Then could we perhaps have a pinned topic which aggregates the community’s efforts in relation to custom bindings as one file from which users could select the bindings they need as well as the excellent instructions provided by you and @LeCuvier as to how to implement them. This could be a pinned topic in every aircraft forum.
  3. @Monkwolf: That’s just brilliant. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. Can I ask the question why all these commands aren’t included by ED, and by default, as most controllers have two position switches which are On/Off. As we know, a toggle command such as “Landing Gear Toggle” can get out of sync with your physical toggle switches.
  4. @LeCuvier: Thanks for your excellent posts. I will be using the new bindings for a controller I made (see attached) which has two position and three position toggle switches as well as rotary encoders, buttons, rotary switches and axes. The main functions I need are On/Off for the two position toggles. I assume I should add any custom bindings to the joystick/default.lua file to make it work with the controller I have made ? Could you please post an example of the canopy Open/Hold/Close so I can use it for one of my three position toggles.
  5. Thanks to you both. @icemaker: I will look at that file but don’t have access to it at the moment. Could you perhaps post a link to it ? @LeCuvier: I need the commands for toggle switches ON/OFF for the following canopy open/canopy close aerial refuelling door open/aerial refuelling door close ejection seat armed/ejection seat safe But if you can post any others you have that may come in useful I would appreciate it.
  6. Hi All, I need discrete joystick commands (suitable to edit the joystick default.lua file) for the following functions: canopy open/canopy close aerial refuelling door open/aerial refuelling door close ejection seat armed/ejection seat safe plus any others you may have thanks in advance.
  7. Also have this problem and sometimes simply can't Alt-Tab out of it at all. Can't even Alt-Tab to task manager.
  8. To tighten the shaft which is loose and wobbles back and forth as reported here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=250263
  9. Hi Deadmeat. Also I noticed the plastic part of the tactile switch for the paddle is bent over and it definitely looks like it will fail. When I do eventually get the paddle back in there I won’t be able to guarantee that the plastic part won’t be bent. If that fails do you know what replacement tactile switch from EBay I could buy ? Thanks again
  10. Thanks, that’s what I have been trying to do for two straight hours and I cannot get it. Very frustrating.
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