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  1. When you go into the Campaign Menu - or right after you exit the mission you've just completed - there should be an option for you to Continue the campaign, instead of Restart it. After you exit the successfully completed mission, look for a button on the Debriefing Screen that says something like "Next Mission" or "Continue" and it will load the Briefing for the next mission. And if you exit to the main menu, your progress will be saved (which you can confirm by looking at your "Campaign Details" section, it should say "Missions Flown: 1" and "Mission Success Rate: 100") and when you pre
  2. Yes, I love flying the Eagle, and unfortunately I feel like it is showing its age in DCS. So much time without any update. Even the Flankers and the Fulcrum received updates both in 3D models and systems and flight model, But the Eagle has been pretty much the same since 1.5, if I'm not mistaken. About the Nav Lights, that's right. It used to have different hotkeys for toggling the NAV and the Strobe/Anti-Collision lights, but they merged into the same key after 2.5.something. You press it once, it turns on the Nav Lights, press again to turn on the Strobe/Anti-Collision, press a t
  3. Do you get any "Right Engine Fire / Left Engine Fire" voice message? If so, it may possibly be a bird strike(???)... Does it happen in both engines simultaneously?
  4. Sorry for multiple posts, the screenshots were kinda large files... By the way, in regards to the Landing Gear Lights, the way the "Landing/Far" is currently set up seems to be showing the correct behavior. It actually illuminates the runway from a considerably good distance, given the correct AoA for the landing. The only problem is the "Taxi/Near" light. Too short of a range, plus the halo effect issue.
  5. I've noticed the same issue, as well as the general lighting problems. Aircraft lights, both exterior and interior lights are all unbalanced. Some lights, such as the External Navigation Lights - the red and green wingtip lights - and also the Cockpit Instrument Flood Lights are too dim and barely visible; While the HUD, RWR, VSD/Radar and the MFD displays and digital symbology are way too bright and overexposed; Also, what even is that mysterious red light that lits up the head rest of the seat when you turn on the Interior lights? Where does that come from? Landing
  6. I have 16 GB of RAM as well, and I am STRUGGLING in multiplayer servers whenever there's more than 10 players on the server. LAG (and this is not even network lag, it's just pure and simple system memory bottleneck) makes me experience SO MUCH RAGE. It's like I'm playing a Power Point Presentation. 15 SECONDS PER FRAME. And the simulation doesn't stop when your screen freezes, as your system is trying to allocate RAM for the stuff being constantly loaded, unloaded, reloaded and refreshed, which may result in you crashing into the ground or a mountain, while you had no idea what your plane w
  7. I'm adding +1 to the question. Back in time a few versions (let's say back in 2.5.0 to 2.5.1 I believe) You could spot an aircraft as a single black pixel as far as around 40 to 50 miles away, and you could also spot a smoke trail from a missile as well as contrails from high altitude airplanes almost that far, likely around 35 miles away. I used to take advantage of that feature to practice my BVR engagements with the F-15C against SU-27s. I used to fly head on towards the hostile, lock it up in TWS around 50 to 60 miles out, wait for it to lock me on and shot his R-27ER at me, than I woul
  8. I've also experienced this annoying flickering in the 2.5.4 Release version. It happens with pretty much every aircraft I can fly (I only own the Flaming Cliffs 3 and A-10C modules). In some aircrafts, like the A-10C, it seems to happen more often than in other aircrafts like the F-15C. I also noticed what other people have reported as well: It is related to the reflecion of the sun on the canopy or the instruments. It can be noticed in external view - although for me that's more unusual - and mainly in the cockpit view. I've tried many different graphics settings but it's pretty much a
  9. I have this SAME EXACT problem. Everytime! =O The Release version is in 1.5.4 by this date and still happens. And this is going since BEFORE the 1.5 release, so there's more than a year of struggle. I can only play one mission at a time because of that annoying behaviour. After playing that single mission, I better quit the sim entirely and run it again... Only then I can load a different mission or enter the Mission Editor.
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