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  1. Seems that this issue is back in this version of OpenBeta ( ) again; can anyone else confirm?
  2. So there is a set group Invisible command which has been broken for multiplayer for a few months. :helpsmilie: What this "SetInvisible" command is supposed to do is to make a specific group ignored (thus invisible) by AI controlled groups. Note that this works perfectly in single player missions. It is the multiplayer that has the issue, or more specifically, only when joining server as a client. How to reproduce: Create a new mission with Mission Editor, place some AAA guns, say zu-23. Place a client aircraft, skill -> Client In ADVANCED (WAYPOINT ACTIONS), click on
  3. DCS 2.5.2 Open Beta 更新7 DCS 2.5.2 Open Beta 更新7 DCS World 更新了所有地形 AI控制的B-17G——降落时不会再发生碰撞了 为所有的本地化版本加入了RBK-500AO的图片 修改了云层生成器,使之更正确地接近任务编辑器中的设置 修复了触发导致无线电菜单崩溃的问题 修复了载入相互链接的单位模板时的GUI错误 波斯湾 加入了设拉子城市、国际机场极其周边区域 加入了克尔曼城市、国际机场极其周边区域 加入了独特的迪拜六国城门瑞享酒店 加入了新种类的树木 F/A-18C 当航母一号弹射器被占用时,其他玩家现在可以正确地出生在二号、三号和四号弹射器上 雷达处于STT模式时将不会从一个目标跳到另一个目标,除非由玩家操作 实装了雷达的SIL(静默)和STBY(待机)模式 加入了S(单发)和R(连发)武器挂载选项 RWS模式下,被选中的A/A武器将不会显示在雷达页面 加入了夜视镜 COMM:手动输入的频率将不会出现在频道设置中 修复了多人游戏中F/A-18C在航母弹射器上出生时导致的随机崩溃问题 实装了航母ICLS系统 雷达:改进了用户通过单独的按钮控制改变扫描高度时,雷达天线的俯仰和滚转稳定系统 Ka-50 修复了开启SSAA后夜视镜FOV偏移的问题
  4. I didn't figure out how to program the countdown timer yesterday, so I thought I must have missed something obvious otherwise how come I can only count from 6:00. I've just tried and found out that I can just use the UFC keypad to enter the time I want. Silly me :doh: Anyway, I like your answer. It's informative and ... interesting :megalol: I guess it makes total sense to me. Thanks again! :thumbup:
  5. Would you like to shed more light on the six minutes countdown (CD)? Why specifically 6 minutes? Thanks!
  6. You can choose to display elevation in meters or in feet. You can change the setting by press UFC osb and then select FEET option on UFC
  7. 目前录像系统的稳定性比以前好了许多,但是在地面启动时还是可能会出现与飞行轨迹(当然在地面是滑行)不符的情况,比如开进草地里 如果你的录象是F-15C的本机视角则必须有F-15C模组,因为录像中有驾驶舱视角,而读取驾驶舱的建模航电和贴图必须有F-15C模组或者FC3
  8. 先换挂载再启动飞机(可以开启电源和APU,发动机不能启动) SMS必须断电才能正常更新挂载 你可以先更换挂载再给SMS上电 SMS断路器在机外侧的面板上,只有地勤人员可以控制 目前即使给飞机断电然后重新开机SMS一样无法更新,这个可能是bug
  9. Razbam这个第三方制作组对现有的两个模组(M2000C和AV8B)的细节的处理和完成度都非常令人堪忧。 具体修改办法你可以参照上面Insonia的地址中的教程或者参考以下地址中的内容: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=196622 这些命令可以通过查阅对应模组文件加内的lua文件者或开启驾驶舱的dev选项显示各个connector的名称。
  10. DCS 1.5.7 更新1 DCS 1.5.7 更新1
  11. DCS 2.1.1 更新 DCS 2.1.1 更新
  12. DCS 2.1.0 更新 1 DCS 2.1.0 更新 1
  13. bk90制导应该是依赖当前的Mx, 用雷达修正Mx的位置后就能制导了 :thumbup:
  14. AJS发布后, sacksahne制作了一个AJS 37的武器快速查阅图表。 原链接:https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3033581&postcount=1 这张图表, 概括了常用的武器的投放方式, 对:joystick:入门、:smartass:学习和 :pilotfly:使用AJS的帮助很大。 在经原作者sacksahne同意后, 我制作了中文版的参考表。 作者还在不断更新这个图表, 稍后我会添加新版本的翻译。 另一个图表, 是CK37地址输入参照表。 原地址:https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=182229, 作者是funkyfranky 这张CK37的图表, 详细介绍了CK的输入代码和用途, 推荐与上述的武器图表配合食用, 效果更佳:thumbup: 同样经原作者同意后, 我完成了初步的翻译, 如原文有后续的修改, 我也会更新翻译内容:book:。 Special thanks to sacksahne and funkyfranky for making these two reference charts. Keep up the good work and fly safe! DCS AJS37 Weapon Ref Cha
  15. I have the same issue. On one of my machine, I have a few *.miz saved just yesterday that cannot be "saved" or "saved as", but I managed to save one of them as a new file in ME when using the same version of DCS on my laptop. However, after the "save as", things such as groupName, unitName, triggerZone are broken; they now shows the dictionary key index instead of name as found in the l10n folder in .miz file. DictKey_UnitName_4953 like this.
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