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  1. And reusing my old saved games folder but renaming that MissionEditor folder works too.
  2. Solved. Thanks wernst, after my post I renamed the complete dcs folder under saved games and now it's working again.
  3. Solved, you can skip this. I was already flying on the new Persian Gulf map for a couple of days when suddenly DCS won't load anymore. It hangs after 55%, even an hour later it's still stuck at 55% at the loading screen. I would say I haven't changed anything. No new graphic drivers, no Windows update, nothing. Even disabling firewall/antivirus etc. doesn't help. Repair/updatedoes nothing, only reporting game is up to date. The log files reports some missing serial numbers but as I said, I was already flying with the Harrier at Dubai and checking the serials reports they
  4. Thanks, didn't notice a views.lua in the Entry folder.
  5. As the title says, I'm on 3 monitors (5760x1080 in Nvidia surround mode). I can't zoom out far enough to have a view at all instruments like I have when I only use 1920x1080. I searched the forum, found some posts, tried all (also what I remembered I had done for the A-10C and Mirage) but it doesn't work. Even tried copying the view.lua from the Mirage to the Viggen and the server.lua from the stable version to the Beta version, still no luck. So what is the way to have a wider FOV in the Viggen ?
  6. Oh, didn't notice. I only knew there were games/sims I could only record with desktop recording. Maybe I should re-check (or maybe you know) if recording in surround-mode now works ... it would mean I don't have to disable surround mode for my videos anymore (if in surround mode there is a way to only record the middle monitor).
  7. Are you using more than 1 monitor AND surround mode ? Shadowplay doesn't work in surround mode anymore. If not, try to enable desktop recording in Shadowplay.
  8. Have not seen this issue with the Hawk so far. CPU - i5-4590@3,30 (non-overclocked) RAM - 16 Gig Graphics card including VRAM amount - GTX970 4MB What flight controller are you using - Thrustmaster T-Flight Stick Hotas and T-Flight Hotas X Are you using TrackIR or other head tracking system - TrackHat Clip Do you have any other versions of Hawk loaded, like 1.5.3 - yes, but only latest 1.5 and 2.0 Did you have the pre-release version installed at some point (prior to April 2015) - probably What other DCS mods do you have installed - Huey, FC3, A-10C, P-51D, Black Shark 2, no mods ins
  9. Thanks a lot Chris, now I can set it to buttons on my joystick. BTW (not sure if it's only me) the "normal" wheel brake (W on keyboard or set to a button on my joystick) still doesn't work.
  10. For me it's not that extreme (but the Hawk uses around 2 Gig more system memory: (1st picture is the Mirage, 2nd the Hawk):
  11. Have you tried it ? My keyboard obviously doesn't except 3 simultanous inputs so I end up with no brakes at all, I have to zick-zack around the runway with LShift-W and LAlt-W ...
  12. Haven't had a look at RAM usage yet, but the Hawk has a huge VRAM usage. I only have a GTX970 so I make sure to stay under the 3,5 Gig limit but with the Hawk, even in low graphic settings and with low cockpit textures I'm already over 3,5 ... while the Mirage is around 2,5 with that settings and with my normal settings I'm over 4 Gig used in the Hawk.
  13. Yeah, noticed it too (with TrackHat Clip and using FreeTrackNoIR).
  14. Does it crash for you guys even after you have re-started DCS ? So far, I only got one crash again (after deleting the Hawk input folder and re-setting all controls from scratch again once) and that was when I did a couple of quick missions without leaving DCS first. As long as I exit DCS and restart DCS it didn't crash for me yet (fingers crossed).
  15. works now with the next/previous flap settings bind to buttons on my joystick :)
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