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  1. Thanks Pal, the only link I found here listed that works, much appreciated.
  2. First moment one of you guys has a working system available to purchase that is a worthy replacement for my MSFFB2 consider me onto the purchase list Sod the Brunner, would be much happier to fund guys here.
  3. Out of desperation to replace my modified, but still perfectly working MSFFB2 I have been contemplating the Brunner for a while, I just can't fly without the FFB stick properly. I do find it rather ludicrous than the TM Stick handle can bring a £1000+ device to its knees tho, rather concerning actually !! Maybe I should just rebuild my MSFFB2 into a new package and the resistor mod after all, at least that doesn't have a stamina slider, and I would be using a lightweight handle in any case ?
  4. Lost the wing to Flak quite close to the airfield , not sure how I got it down - pure luck and fluke I suspect.
  5. yes, same family of products, I can't sadly remember that far back if the ATC was better or worse
  6. haha I managed to somehow land this......don't ask how Reminded me of the Israeli F15
  7. One other super useful tool to accompany this maybe would be the ability to have in the editor the "default" borders for a Country, but are movable if you choose, this would allow the setting up of scenarios without having to use of lots of trigger zones, often misshaped to to the borders, something you could literally click and drag around to set at a mission editor level. An option exists using Mist and other scripts I know, but I would really love to see that come aboard as part of the in-game editor one day for sure, as personally I do not want to use any external scripting to build
  8. I would put a Mark Point on my own sensor and then share that with my wingman, putting mark points on his sensors directly would just be weird..... ??? unless I am misunderstanding you ? Yep, exactly the same way we did it on the ground when directing anything on to anything on the battlefield for targeting purposes, SOP's, I wasn't sure if the Hornet had the ability to share directly over the network tho.......was merely talking in "principle" only
  9. There is quite a few things only rendered to one eye as an optimisation, will check if I have these things apparent with my Rift S in a little while for you tho
  10. I think you are exaggerating the problem - I struggle to see anything beyond 3 or 4 miles in VR, ground or AIR, unless it is sharply contrasted, Shape, Shine, Silhouette...ya know, some of those factors are missing, which makes it even harder in a virtual world,
  11. It fits the aircraft very well, looks pretty awesome I agree
  12. I think the notion that there is, and and never will be a solution is a very negative one to take tbh, never give up, and never stop looking for ways to do something is my attitude to life and work
  13. Maybe there needs to be a visual configurator, so like in the old days we used to have a splash screen come up where you setup your gamma and corner edges of your display etc, we have a thing comes up and we can setup some "basic" params to enable parity when it comes to visual contact sensitivity, you could do it in a way which could kind of make it a questionnaire, ie if you don't enter the right response it isn't a valid user response, maybe a number which becomes clearer or something idk ? One the user has made a valid configuration that information and setting is stored for possible
  14. Yes, I agree, It would almost be worth scripting their death on impact if near enemy units to prevent the whole situation arising in the first place
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