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  1. I'm sure Eagle Dynamics is reading the same news as we do. If there are also plans to support ASW 2.0 in DCS this would be great. https://www.oculus.com/blog/introducing-asw-2-point-0-better-accuracy-lower-latency/ best regards
  2. please solve the parachute issue - it doesn't look right (see from below after you have ejected) and it is an old bug that was already in the ** Leatherneck Public Bugtracker *, but vanished best regards
  3. very good news I think the same - having DCS in VR for me was like (past in 1990) playing with paper planes and getting a PC with Chuck Yaegers Air Combat the next day
  4. the performance improvements for VR are wonderful news - I hope it doesn't take much time to make it available for us best regards, Carsten
  5. answered Thank you very much for the answers :thumbup: - never imagined that this could be the old mission and hadn't stumbled across the other thread.
  6. EDIT: Thank you very much for the answers :thumbup: - never imagined that this could be the old mission and hadn't stumbled across the other thread. This bug is at least 3 years old and so obvious that I can't believe that this is still not fixed. :( old bug report from April 2015 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=148920 how it looks now https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=191465&stc=1&d=1533414818 https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=191466&stc=1&d=1533414818
  7. what is / Vulcan thanks so much for these news, the Vulcan API news is great One question - maybe I have missed - what is an FC-17?
  8. in the current DCS to reproduce select Instant Action - Flight Day Time and try to eject > the seat won't shoot out
  9. :helpsmilie: Setting civil traffic density for missions never seemed to work/having any influence - anyone else taking notice of this?
  10. some of the aircraft models and 3d objects, we can use when building missions, seem very old - maybe some where never overhauled since LockOn Modern Air Combat I recommend to give all of them an update, that we could see good looking enemies thank you very much :pilotfly:
  11. I've noticed that my ejection seat fall horizontally through the aircraft and was not shoot out like an ejection seat should do? Is there still being worked on this aircraft to solve bugs? Seems it's getting quiet here. :pilotfly:
  12. Question 1: Is this "Leatherneck" Public Bugtracker still the right place to post bug reports? Question 2: Does anybody know, what the developers doing - do they work on solving bugs? The MiG-21 is such a great aircraft and shouldn't have some bugs. :pilotfly:
  13. from my point of view the damage model is the most important thing ED should work on - a lot of DCS weapons are useless - nothing to achive with any free fall bomb here
  14. would be great for new missions/tasks in multiplayer :thumbup:
  15. ich liebe es den Huey zu fliegen - bin gerne dabei aber auch selbst noch am Üben - wann gibt es die nächste Möglichkeit zum gemeinsamen Fliegen bzw. wie ist die Kommunikation geplant? :joystick: Carsten
  16. issue with activating F-5 I had the same problem yesterday and wasn't able to tell DCS 1 that I own the F-5 - the solution was to start again DCS 2 after DCS 1 was updated to 1.55. After doing this DCS 1 module manager asked for installing the F-5. :megalol:
  17. the Adventuredome Building in Las Vegas isn't on ground - it's flying and I'm sure you want to fix this NTTR is a great scenery and I can't wait to see SOH
  18. we saw the same issue with landing gear - on the front seat pilot side it was up, but on the back seat pilot position it was still down from the backseat I saw the canopy was still open, while it was closed for my friend on the front seat
  19. I have the same problem. Never had a problem with DCS Multiplayer before 1.5 beta.
  20. yes, it also happens with AMD - here with Radeon HD7870
  21. DCS 1.5 crash and system hang up dxdiag and log.txt attached DxDiag.txt dcs.log.txt
  22. to reproduce these issues: > Instant Action > Hawk > Ground Attack 1) bombs are not connected to the wings 2) cockpit glass and other parts doesn't look correct while flying through clouds (from outside view) screenshots attached regards, Dino1981
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