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  1. I recon they're not buttons at all. As far as I know, I haven't seen anything about them being buttons, that's not to say they aren't, but I believe the Fast Erect isindeed in the wrong location in-game. If they are buttons, what are the other 3 used for? The two top ones are also in a slightly hard to reach places, being right next to other instruments. As you can see on the SF37 pit it does not have any on the things that are used for the Fast Erect currently. It does however have the big button marked Fast Erect in the manual. Oh, and the filter knob is also shown in that location on o
  2. Hope you don't mind me uploading this Djent33. I'll remove it if you want. Here's a OvGME/JSGME ready version. Also this mod does not break IC. Viggen frame fix.zip
  3. The "Taxi/ landing light switch" only have two positions instead of the 3 that it should have. Right now we only have the taxi light and the off positions, we are missing the "Till" (on) setting where both the 2 landing lights and the taxi light are lit. The lantern switch also turns on the "Ledljus", which it shouldn't. The left side "Ledljus" and rear lantern are also constantly turned on as previously stated above. There is also a missing light inside the air brakes on the sides, they are there to light up the air brakes when extended. It would also be nice to be able to use the bright
  4. It's been like this since release... IIRC the white marks show what fields should be lit during startup.
  5. "Two weeks" = anywhere between, right now and the heat death of the universe.
  6. If you got TerNav working and sending fixes to the nav system, doing a radar fix is just going to make it less accurate. If you get a 5 from the system, there's no need to make a fix as the fixes from TerNav are dead accurate.
  7. Yeah, that's fair. BX are more suited for pre-planned mission targets. Where you can share a singe flight plan for a strike package, but you each have a separate BX waypoint for the targets. That's what I/ we have been using them for at least, other than for the RB15s, works great. For TOO a fix in SPA is probably better tbh, it not being connected to the route...
  8. BX 6-9 are only used for RB15 if they are loaded, otherwise they are just "waypoints" outside the nav polygon, together with BX1-5. BK90s work with BX points, I used it yesterday. If you have no BX waypoints already and find a target, you just have to select BX1 for example, hold T1, that will make a waypoint being created 10 or so km in front of the aircraft. Then you just move it to the target and press TV to make a fix. And you have a BX waypoint at your target, that you can use for pretty much any weapon.
  9. They will fly to the selected waypoint. I think of BX waypoints as M waypoint that are out side of the nav polygon.
  10. Adding/ using an unused "BX" waypoint sound like what you want to be using. You can do that by either selecting the "BX" WP of choice, and doing a fix. Be it radar or visual. Or you can also add them using coords like any other waypoint.
  11. It's obviously not super accurate, but probably in the ballpark. The two rightmost lines are based on the ISA+10 line and offset from that.
  12. I believe mine cost about €40-50 or so. I guess it depends on how much you know previously, learning everything from the start will obviously take some time, but very possible. I believe I've spent about 300-600h designing this stick. :D yeah, I know...
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