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  1. No, it will be whatever the QNH is (the air pressure at sea level), standard value for it is 1013,25 hPa (or 760 mmHg if you prefer that ). You can see what it is in the briefing screen before clicking "FLY", or if you got it in the mission editor it's in the weather settings.
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing the radar display showing symbology while in NAV and A0, as it should.. It's meant to be the same as in passive search mode. Just that the receiver on the radar is blocked, so no signals are display or processed.
  3. Ever had the need to calculate the QFE of a target quickly? This is my somewhat accurate (more accurate than others that I've used) QFE calculator. This tool will make more accurate calculations compared to others, as it uses data from DCS for the calculations. Basically you have 3 parameters to change: temperature, QNH and the altitude of the target, or whatever it might be you want to know the QFE at. If you want a copy, just click "File" and then "copy". Or just change the number directly. Google sheets doc 29-04-2021 - made to work with both hPa and mmHg as inpu
  4. I thought I would "cross post" my Viggen mod here. What it does is adding more realistic RWR signals to our favourite aircraft. From 12 individually modeled radars, to 58 with the mod.
  5. Ever wanted more (accurate) blips and bloops in your favourite aircraft? We'll you're in luck my friend. I present my "More accurate Apparat 27" ("MA-APP27" for short) mod. This is my attempt to get more accurate RWR sounds in the Viggen. My goal with this was to get more, and more accurate sounds and sound durations based on each radars actual scan speed and PRF. Each radar I've added/ changed has been researched, unfortunately a lot of them are still classified or just impossible to find the needed data on. In cases where I could not find any data I copied data from a similar radar an
  6. If the files isn't there, it sounds like there might be a problem with an antivirus program removing the file as a false positive. Try adding that folder as an exception in your antivirus software, and then repair again.
  7. If you don't mind breaking IC here's a fix I made for it. Just replace the old file with this new one. "..\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\AJS37\Textures" The problem is that the alpha channel texture on the "MIL" indicator is too dim for whatever reason.
  8. Yep, that is what led me to do this. 20km from 4000m also works quite well. As long as there isn't anything to shoot them down.
  9. IICR that was indeed the "fix". Being able to relight it again.
  10. Not necessarily, you can drop them at the correct distance and still have them hit. But we don't know the actual calculations for the "range calculations" in the real aircraft, or the DCS one for that matter. It could be that it wants the BK90 to be at a certain speed over the target, which I think makes sense. However that doesn't seem to be the case as the speed over target varies a lot. 193-250 m/s, for M0.7 and M0.9 @ 100m. One thing if for sure however, the release cue is much too late @ M0.9 and 100m, according to the manual. M0.7 100m looks very good however, within the margin
  11. Shit!! It's been corrected now.
  12. It's time for a new spreadsheet. This time for the release cue for the Bk90's. Do what you want with this data. Red boxes = the horizontal distance to the target @ release cue. Grey boxes = BK90 speed @ target, as TAS in m/s. Also, BK90 is impuls release only.
  13. Just got a 100% reproducible game crash when having 99 or more files/cartridges in the "...\DCS_AJS37" folder. To reproduce, fill you folder with 99 or more cartridges, when you go to jump in to the pit, the game will crash.
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