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  1. Just came here to say thanks to the entire team that put this together. This map is fantastic. The level of detail, work, and quality control is just top notch - and it's free! Love the water effects. I spent about 2 hours last night just flying around the map sight seeing. The trailer was a perfect way to release this to the community. Thanks for all you do.
  2. Bumping this back up as it's still an issue. One of our guys spent a lot of time building a mission, we flew a long way there, and no train. Please fix this, finally.
  3. I think the actual issue with this is a desync between the client and the server. The client thinks the vehicle is in the wrong spot, when the client reports a hit the server corrects the position but still records the hit. I have noticed this where the person hosting is calling out the target location and my location is different. When I hit the target it snaps to where the host said it was located. Unfortunately none of my tracks where I have seen this, seem to be working, or I would upload one. While you do still end up getting a kill, if you're working with a human jtac or buddy lasing, this is going to cause problems.
  4. Yes, especially the flaps light. If you didn’t know what was supposed to be there you wouldn’t be able to read it without zooming in.
  5. Anybody found a solution yet to this? Seems like maybe it's a 2.5.6 thing. It's unplayable for certain clients after you have joined one task. The current result is you get flash reports for the assigned tasks of other flights + any task you've been assigned to. Even if you've aborted the task you will still get the flash reports. Stopping the flash reports does not work. You will end up unable to see half of your cockpit because of so many messages. Client ID is persistent so leaving the server or going to spectator and coming back does not resolve it, only a server restart. The only workaround is to never join a task.
  6. Free Flight F-18 Persian Gulf: SSLR Enabled: 30 FPS with micro-stutters SSLR Disabled: 55 FPS with no micro-stutters 3800X, X570, 32GB 3600, RTX 2080Ti, SSD, Odyssey+ VR
  7. A couple guys I was flying with tonight saw the same and the only way to get out of PDI was going to ACM and back to RWS/TWS.
  8. Flaps half for carrier takeoff. Trim between 16-18 depending on weight. Trim should reset when you bring the flaps up and that should fix your space shuttle liftoff.
  9. There's no way it could be lag. Supreme Leader's internet is Korea's best internet.
  10. It would help if we knew your current system specs? Ryzen 3800x + RTX2080 Ti + 32GB RAM. All my games are stable and run great, just have some weirdness with a couple USB devices that occasionally stop working and have to be plugged back in. Not sure if that's windows or immature x570 drivers.
  11. You'll be pretty good at 1440 with what you have right now and 32gb ram, to be completely honest. If you upgrade to a 2080 Super you're likely going to be slightly limited by your CPU, so just crank all the graphics up to high preset on 1440 or 4k and enjoy. I had an i5-4670k +2080ti before I just upgraded to a 3800x. Your cpu is better than my old one. I was happy at 4k with 50-60fps almost everywhere but VR was rough in some heavy multiplayer servers. My advice is to wait until you add the extra ram. See if you're happy. If you are, just wait and save your money.
  12. Get another stick of your same RAM for 32gb. If you do a graphics upgrade do a 2080 Super or 2080Ti. I don't think a 5700XT will give you much upgrade for your dollar over what you have. I believe your CPU is probably fine until the next upgrade cycle.
  13. When I had my Rift S, I used my V-Moda Crossfade II wireless over-the-ear headphones. The ear cups fit right under the headband almost like they were made for it. They are very good and support either wired or bluetooth connections. I would run the headphones wired, but nothing stopping you from running wireless. I would just plug them into the PC instead of the Rift S. I also use these on planes as they have a fair bit of passive noise isolation. If you want to try ear buds, I have tried a lot and feel like the Creative Outlier ONE is the best mix of sound quality, comfort, and price. By the way, what ever headphones you use, you can tell Windows, Oculus, and SRS to still use the microphone on the Rift S and it works just fine.
  14. Thanks for your review. The O+ has plenty of drawbacks but it is really hard to beat the OLED screen and the anti-SDE treatment. The OLED range really makes DCS "pop" and the lack of SDE is glorious. If only Oculus would make a Rift S with an OLED screen, I think it would be the best thing out there.
  15. Open the windows joystick control panel and work the hat switch in all directions for a while and see if it starts working. My sensor select depress didn't work either until I started moving the switch around while it was depressed. I haven't opened it up but I wonder if there's a bunch of grease on the switches or something.
  16. A little late to the party, was waiting to upgrade the system so I could post both before/after numbers. Settings universal to both systems Textures: High Terrain Textures: High Civ Traffic: Off Water: High Visibility: High Shadows: Low Resolution: 3840x1600 (except VR) Res of cockpit displays: 1024 DOF: Off Lens Effects: Flare MSAA: 2x Motion Blur: Off SSAO: off Clutter: 100 Tree Visibility: 5000 Preload: 47800 Chimney: 1 Gamma: 2 Aniso: 8x Terrain Shadows: Flat Global Cockpit Illumination: On VR Pixel Density: 1.0 *All tests run with reprojection turned off via: SteamVR Settings>Mirror Display>Click in Mirror Display window> Shift+A Both systems use: Samsung Odyssey+ Windows Mixed Reality (quality to set to Very High) Steam VR 1.6.9 (1564184397) Steam VR super sampling 210% (2064x2580 for each eye) Old system Intel I5-4670K @3.4ghz 16GB DDR3-2200 2080Ti Founders Edition at stock (factory OC) Windows 10 Enterprise v1903 - ran first 9 sec Average framerate : 45.0 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 31.3 FPS - ran first 8 sec Average framerate : 44.9 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 37.7 FPS Included the 0.1% lows because that is the only metric that really changed - maybe significant? New system AMD Ryzen 3800x stock 32GB DDR4-3200 2080Ti Founders Edition at stock (factory OC) Windows 10 Pro v1903 - ran first 7 sec Average framerate : 67.0 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 21.6 FPS - ran first 10 sec Average framerate : 59.9 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 12.1 FPS
  17. Man thanks for this, it's a nice benchmark and I can tell you put some time into it. I just upgraded from an i5-4670k w/ 2080Ti to a 3800x w/ 2080Ti. While I didn't benchmark before the upgrade (should have!), here are my numbers on the new system. 3800x at stock (boosts to 4.5ghz) 32GB DDR4-3200 (CL14-14-14) 2080Ti Founders Edition at stock (factory OC) Game settings: I made them identical to yours except I don't use reshade. I didn't make a pretty graph, but here are the numbers: 27-07-2019, 14:01:09 DCS.exe benchmark completed, 33220 frames rendered in 195.813 s Average framerate : 169.6 FPS 1% low framerate : 99.4 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 52.3 FPS It does look like you're GPU limited but the 1060 does keep the 0.1% lows near mine, so I wonder how much of that is affected by CPU. That looks to be around the difference most reviewers saw between otherwise-identical 3700x/3800x systems (just a few percentage points).
  18. I picked up the Corsair MP510 1.9TB nvme for $260 on Amazon. It's very close to the Evo 970s in performance per reviews but substantially cheaper. The 1TB should be even less expensive.
  19. The Crucial MX500 2.5in SATA SSD is currently one of the best price-to-performance SSDs available. I picked up a 500gb model for $60 USD yesterday for the boot drive on the new system I'm building. The 1TB model was $110. Should be able to find it for this at Microcenter, Amazon, or Newegg. If you have a m.2 slot for an NVME SSD, the Corsair MP510 is one of the fastest and the 1.9TB model is $259 on Amazon, which is a crazy price for what you get. I also picked this one up as my primary game drive and lightroom drive.
  20. Not all memory vendors use the same chip vendors for a given model of their ram. Those that do may use various batches from the same vendor that are spec'd the same. Buying a quad or dual kit means you're buying memory that is sold to work together, making it highly likely that the chips are all from the same vendor, and the same batch. If you're overclocking memory, it is usually advised to buy all your sticks as part of the same kit as having everything the same typically maximizes your stable OC.
  21. The game engine still has to be written to take full advantage of it. Simply using Vulkan doesn't fully optimize everything for multi-core. My understanding of Vulkan is that it makes it much easier for devs to accomplish this, and do so across a variety of platforms. There are benchmarks available showing games using Vulkan today where the Ryzen 3700x and 3900x do not have any appreciable advantage over the 9700k and 9900k.
  22. It really depends on what you're using it for. In single-threaded games at 1080p where you're not GPU bound, an OC'd 9700k/9900k has a small advantage (usually less than 10%) over the 3700x/3900x. At 4k, the processors perform very close most of the time because you become GPU bound. If you game at 4k (or possibly VR), you may not notice a difference between the two. The question at 4k is really longevity of the CPU and how long before you'll get to a GPU that needs a more powerful processor; will the Intel chip get you through one extra upgrade cycle? It's hard to say, as games may become more multi-threaded or more optimized for AMD over time - no one really knows the answer to that. Then it becomes a question of what else you do with your PC. If you run highly multi-threaded apps and creation software, it looks like the 3700x/3900x outperform Intel most of the time and sometimes by a large margin. I agree with the sentiment of most of the reviews I've read, on the whole the Ryzen 3000 series is a better all-around CPU, but in purely single-threaded applications the 9700k/9900k still have a small lead.
  23. Just wanted to follow up on this. I've seen some comments from Wags and NineLine that you just have to leave it on align until it shows up. I know fully simulated INS and GPS are planned. Just wondering, is this a bug/not a bug/WIP? Thanks!
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