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  1. Hi all, I'm not good with the skins so this is a request to anyone who knows how to make good skins for the planes, so if someone could do the Spanish skin for the f-5 I will be very grateful. I know that the actual Spanish version is the two-seater but it's okay. These are two pictures, one is of the skin and the other one is a colored detail of the emblem of the tail. Thanks in advance. David
  2. Because while I'm training interception I appear before on their radar than they in mine David
  3. I've realized that AI radar works much better than mine...they detect me much faster and far than me. Does anyone know if there is a problem? Thanks in advance David
  4. davidpm

    F-14D WIP

    Cool men maybe top gun helmets for the pilots? David
  5. Hi, I don't know if it's only my problem but when I put the autopilot the plane becomes crazy.
  6. Hi all, I'm a Spanish user of Dcs and I would like to have a Spanish fictional skin of the f-15 but I'm not good at all doing liveries. If anyone of the community could do it I will be very grateful. Thanks in advance. David
  7. How can install the mod and where can I download it? Thanks in advance and sorry I'm an absolute noob
  8. Hi all, I would like to ask if is there any date to the release of this incredible project. I'm quite excited with this bird
  9. Still not having the PSD template [emoji24]
  10. How did you know your screen's resolution?
  11. It's something like this. I can't access to text settings
  12. Hi all, the problem is that when I open the DCS Open Alpha 2.0 and it iniciates I just can see the left part of the screeen. I can acces and change settings but when I click on accept it reiniciates but it happens again. Can anyone help me? Thanks for reading
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