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  1. Yes that’s the way I have done it, but you would think there was more of an automated hand over between the two systems. Or, maybe that is just the way it was.
  2. Yes would be ideal if the TGP in point track would grab the GMT like lock. Although the TGP will follow the GMT moving lock if you put the TGP in focus and move sensor control it will go to a stationary lock before a moving lock so you lose the target and then have to chase it and carry out a moving lock.
  3. Is there any way of directly handing off a GMT radar lock to the TGP laser in moving point mode? When you have a GMT lock the TGP will follow but when dropping say a GBU as you pass over the target the GMT lock is obviously lost as is the TGP laser moving lock, as the GMT was in primary control. So Is the only way of fully handing over to a TGP moving lock and laser to do the following ; 1 Designate a point using the TDC thus losing the GMT lock and also the target you are following in the TGP 2 Then using the TGP control to chase the vehicle you just lost and then design
  4. Just tried the mission, had no problems taking out target. If your not getting a release signal must be a problem with the bomb set up or targeting ?
  5. Hi It’s not been flagged up by anyone else to date. Also if there is a issue it will be a DCS issue as the campaign script will not effect how a GBU works. You don’t need to update location with TDC once bomb has left the aircraft as this only controls drop location of bomb. Does the TGP maintain lock until bomb hits. Night time is more challenging especially when your target has lighting columns along the road. Have noted in other night missions especially if they are passing in front of the vehicle the TGP can lose lock. I will have a look myself . In mean time suggest you just practic
  6. Glad your enjoying it. A follow up 15 mission campaign based in the Gulf on the Super Carrier USS Abraham Lincoln is virtually complete. Hopefully it will be issued some time after it is proved to be fully working after the next big DCS update 2.7. Its called " Rise of the Persian Lion" .
  7. Yes the 1.2 reading is because the way point is 6000 feet above you. To be changed to ground level.
  8. Hi, just checked it out. Works ok just keep your HUD read out from way point 6 below 3NM. Suggest you go into the vertical as you pass runway to better minimise your horizontal distance from the runway. Did note that the way point 6 seems to have changed to a height of 6000ft rather than on the ground level which can be confusing, will change this back to ground level in due course. ( The 3NM restriction is to keep within visibility of the crowd and the stay North of display line is as in normal display safety discipline) Hope this helps.
  9. Hi, to be honest the trigger zone is a bit bigger than 3NM. No one has raised this issue to date. So What distance are you exactly when you get the fail. The last way point, think it may be 6, is centre of the runway, your HSI will give you exact distance. Are you following all way points beforehand with the orbit over the disused runway or cutting directly from the Stennis.?
  10. Glad you enjoyed and best of luck with SH2.
  11. Always listen to air traffic control
  12. Hi Sorry only just saw your post. Glad you got it sorted. Cheers Glyn (Badger633)
  13. Hi Don’t know how you ended up in mission 8! You should have gone to a replay of mission 10. Something must have corrupted as no mechanism in editor to go back two missions. If you just want to finish mission 10 you can use the mission editor and play mission 10 from the DCS campaign files. Hope this helps Glyn (Badger633)
  14. You need to save mission progress before going to desktop.
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