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  1. Hi Glad your enjoying the campaign. Are you keeping outside the target radius as set out in the brief? If you go within this distance the SAM site will go into red alert and shoot down the JSOWs. This could be your problem. Badger633
  2. All done and submitted. In the lap of the gods now, or to put it another way with ED. Hopefully soon.
  3. Hi It took months. It’s a long process. It is one thing to get things working but quite another to make it robust enough to be played by other players who may not fly it as you imagine. The DLC follow up campaign, ‘Serpents Head 2’ took even longer being 10 missions but with voice actors. My latest follow on campaign based in the Black Sea and the Gulf , ‘Rise of the Persian Lion’ with over a thousand voice overs and 15 story lead missions has taken 9 months. Is with ED now hopefully for issue soon. All the campaigns are VR friendly Glad yo
  4. Ford's story continues in a new follow up campaign which has been 9 months in the making, 'Rise of the Persian Lion' . It sees Ford and his new wing man fly from the Black sea to the Persian Gulf on board the USS Abraham Lincoln. Things are not going well out there. The IRGC have gained in power and has a new aggressive leader. The campaign has 15 plot linked missions, over a thousand voices, kneeboards and personalised skins. As always is VR friendly including recallable coordinates. Also has an optional easy A2A refuel version. In the unlikely event that pilots get desperate and want to jum
  5. Glad you enjoyed. The tracking should not be that hard, tried it myself. Have passed your video on. Apparently the TGP moving track issue is a bug which has been sorted in house so I assume will come out in a future update. You did well to beat the mission without the moving track working properly. My new campaign’Rise of the Persian Lion ‘ is with ED and hopefully will be released soon. It follows on from the last campaign and Lieutenant Scott Rivers, ‘Ford’, and his wingman head off to the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Gulf. It as 15 missions, knee boards, briefs, personalised skins, ove
  6. Hi, no problem. Just flew that part of the mission. I successfully took out first three hangers and then the last with the precise coordinates. So not sure what you might be doing. I just set up the JSOW. Remember to set all missiles to TOO and instant fuse by stepping through the four weapons. I then set first way point and designate it as the target. Once you get the in range notifications you can release. I then undesignate the last target first before changing to next way point and then designating as new target then when in range release etc. When entering precise coordinates you ne
  7. HI Has worked since release until you have raised it. Checked the last hangers precise coords using map in mission editor they are correct as given on the radio. Also checked the way points 4,5 and 6 for the first three hangers, they are located dead centre of each hanger and at the correct height. It could be a new DCS bug. Will have to look into it. Will get back to you. Badger633
  8. What version of DCS are you using? Just set it up in the latest open beta and the SAMs shot all the Migs down. I am aware there was a DCS bug at some time where they only shot one down that's why I ask if you are playing DCS stable. The TGP lock should work once again maybe a DCS bug as not a campaign scripting issue . Have not tried it yet but will check out in latest open beta and let you know. Badger633
  9. Hi, that’s true as I said in my first sentence of my reply above. You will only be able to do it with my free campaign which you can download from the user files. After editing you would then have to play the missions one by one not as a campaign. ‘The Serpent’s Head’ is the free campaign the paid for campaign is ‘The Serpent’s Head 2’ which is locked by DCS.
  10. Hi, sorry I think you will find all campaigns issued by ED are locked so you cannot edit. You could try it with my free Serpents Head Campaign as the missions are open for you to adjust as necessary. Making coop missions out of missions scripted for a small single player is not a simple operation as all triggers etc will be set up for the one player. You can just add your friends aircraft but the campaign would not recognise that aircraft as none of the triggers etc are looking for the new aircraft. Still there would be no reason why he could not fly along with you. Make sure
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