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  1. Thanks! It looks like the images are also in the kneeboard, so those are easier to read. Hopefully we can get intro videos with the same voice actors as in the English version of the campaign. This campaign is an interesting change of pace from normal DCS campaigns, and we could use more of these!
  2. 1) I noticed that there are videos in the campaign folder that we are supposed to watch prior to flying the missions. However, all of the videos I have are in Chinese with English subtitles. Are there any English audio versions, or are those planned for later? 2) The images in the briefings for the missions are a bit too difficult to read inside the briefing window. Is there somewhere that I can open the images externally in file explorer, so I can read the images on a bigger screen? So far, I am impressed with the amount of work put into this campaign. It was a great i
  3. I might just be dense, but I am having trouble adding an armed speedboat to the mission editor. I can't find this unit in the encyclopedia, and regardless of the red/blue coalition I select (I've tried all the common ones: Russia, Insurgents, USAF Aggressors, Iran, etc), I cannot find Armed Speedboat in the list. Does anyone else have the same problem? Edit: Workaround was to create a template from a mission that had armed speedboats in it. Still not clear how to add them without making a template from another mission.
  4. Bump. I am also having a next to impossible time with spotting small speedboats. The wakes are too small which makes them almost invisible at night or during the day. The boats also do not show up on NVGs regardless of gamma settings. I'm going to be posting a comparison video to highlight the issue once it's done rendering. Here is the comparison video. In previous iterations of DCS the speedboats were much easier to see. Now, they are next to impossible to spot. The video is still processing, so it might take a day or two for 1440p to be visible to make the issue easier to see.
  5. Tried this mission on the latest patch. The speedboats are impossible to see, and they don't twinkle on NVGs like they do in the video. It seems the lighting update has turned these little boats into stealth boats at night. Looks like there is a bug report for these here. I'm going to make a comparison video for bug reporting on this thread.
  6. This sounds like a great campaign! Will there be a supercarrier version of this campaign, or can we get by via editing the mission files and replacing the stock carrier with the supercarrier of our choice?
  7. Doing a walkthrough of this campaign. Baltic Dragon has done it again! Great work.
  8. I tried out the F-14A in BVR vs 2 MiG29As in the On Devil's Edge mission. Looks like the Phoenix guidance has been updated pretty significantly as the enemy AI were able to break radar lock pretty easily.
  9. Also noticing random orange flickering as many have described. Deleted fxo and metashaders, deleted terrain shaders, and ran a repair of DCS. Running beta patch released today, Windows 10 update 19042 (20H2), and Nvidia driver 457.30. GTX1080. Will attach a track if I can get one. Here is a track and a .mp4 video of the issue: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q2v2ygitg41k98k/FlickeringBug.rar?dl=0
  10. Also experiencing the issue in the latest open beta Not using any mods at the moment. I tried a repair of the install, deleting fxo and metashaders, and I still have the issue. Looks like it might have to be patched.
  11. Update: Checked again a few minutes ago, and the module was delivered. I'm able to download it now. It seems like there was just a lot of demand for this module. Thanks, ED!
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