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  1. That sir, is far more difficult to describe over the phone. No worries to have, i'll visit him next week and get him to try the Gazelle. I'll submit him all the matters I've read in the forums so far and record the whole.
  2. Just called my friend who is an RL army Gazelle pilot: Shutdown procedure: AP OFF Collective on tight fricition (not simulated) Landing projector off and stowed Transponder, ADF, UHF, PR4G, NADIR off Keep VHF MA on Pitot heat, trim, RDR ALTM off Emer AI caged CG off Pos light CLI (flashing) Anti collision off Fuel flow lever full back Engage timer for 1 minute 170 rpm NR: Rotor brake Once rotor is stopped and blade in the axis: Pos light FIX (Steady) Once the minute is passed: Inverter off Pump off VHF off Pos light off
  3. Ok guys I just had my friend who is an RL army gazelle pilot on the phone, the "light on skids" state is obtainable and the forward slide must not happend as in reality it is easily countered.
  4. I've put 10 curve and 80% saturation on both pitch and axis, and i've touched the rudder as well as it is a bit overreactive. I must precise that I've worked with the ALAT, I wasn't a Gazelle pilot. I'm a fixed wing pilot. The other dude Roie was talking about is my best friend who is an actual pilot of SA-342M HOT in the Army. For that matter you submitted I will ask him ASAP.
  5. I can answer that. I'm the actual first guy whom Roie was talking about . I don't have extension on my warthog, and I found out that adding a bit a curve was more confortable.
  6. Thank you so much Chuck. Very responsive indeed!
  7. Well, to be accurate, once the wire of the HOT is cut, the missile goes inert and wild. The wild behaviour is possible to reproduce in DCS. (it is currently possible to experience if you turn the basket selection knob to a 0 position whilst the missile is flying, resulting in a wire cut) But the fact that the missile goes inert after wire cut, that is impossible to reproduce in DCS.
  8. What is OB? (Enjoy shooting HOTs above max range, that'll soon not be possible anymore.)
  9. Dear sir, you are wrong. The doppler radar tries to keep you in a 10x10m square. Hence the swing in auto hover mode.
  10. Yes the laser actually goes through objects. Even big ones.
  11. I'll get back to you with the answer.
  12. Hi folks, As the manual is not very clear on how to use the NADIR, I just put together a quick tutorial about the different useful modes if offers. Please pardon the fact that i'm french, my english is not very good, and I'm not very good at making videos and all that.
  13. Unfortunately it's impossible in DCS. The missile has to detonate.
  14. In reality, the HOT3 is equipped with a safety, if the wire breaks (which is the case when you reach max range, 4250m) the HOT can not explode any more. It becomes inert. This is to protect friendliy troops in case of a wire breaks during an overhead shot. But this can not be simulated in DCS unfortunately.
  15. Exactly the same as Frenetique. I'm going from 60ps to 20-30. It's been almost 6 month and no dev seem to have found the solution to that problem, or looked into it maybe? :mad: That's annoying. It prevents me to use the A10C when it's been working like a charm with 1.2. What a drawback! My specs are: My system specs are: Windows 10 Nvidia GeForce 770M Intel I7 4700HQ @ 2.40Ghz 12 Go DDR3
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