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  1. Today our group tried the DCS Voice Chat for the first time and we liked it. We experienced a much better sound quality than our usual third party solution and flawless operation with no impact on performance. Thank you!
  2. First check your Pixel Density in game, your SteamVR settings and if you like you can post a picture of your DCS settings for feedback.
  3. VR: 3080 now or wait for non disclosed info? I assume wait? Thank you
  4. userbenchmark is not an adequate information source anymore (dont ask, google if you doubt it) I recommend to use other sites & sources to compare contemporary hardware until they fix their shop
  5. The performance of DCS and the HP Reverb G1 improved over the last few weeks: I am flying right now with my friends on the channel map in multiplayer at 100% rendering, 4x AA, high shadows, medium distance with > 45 FPS at all situations (very enjoyable with the good steamvr motion smoothing enabled)
  6. Your 1080 (non ti) will be fine for your first flights. A faster GPU later will always be nice but not needed right of the bat. I would not go for the 3080 (at least as long as the price is not dropped back to mrsp, which will be soon with the newer and faster cards available. A 6800XT, 6900XT or 3080Ti will provide much better performance per buck.
  7. The 3080 is now available sometimes at different shops. But not attractive any longer at 10 GB VRAM and 900 bucks. I will aim for a 6800XT or a 3080Ti. If I dont get one of those initially I just fly a little bit more on my trusty 1080Ti and save a lot of money :-). Prices for the 3080 will drop soon a lot, no need to hurry if you bet on this card.
  8. 2080 will provide very playable fps. I would definitly go for the G2 before an upgrade of the GPU. No GPU upgrade necessary to enjoy, always nice to have one later.
  9. Is it possible to add a TAA option to DCS? Thank you.
  10. I can join my own servers and they are shown on the muliplayer browser on my computer. I opened TCP 10308 and UDP 10308 and still the servers can not be seen in the server list by my friends. Do you have any pointers for me?
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